CoRE Tech 2023

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The Great Corporate REconfiguration

The way we design, build, operate and use corporate real estate and facilities will never be the same.

We were already on a path to digital transformation where new technologies were changing every aspect of the corporate real estate portfolio and then the pandemic hit, accelerating the pace of change.

Working from anywhere, managing facilities remotely and making indoor air quality (IAQ) a high priority were just a few things that became more important as a result of the pandemic. Additionally, sustainability and carbon emissions have moved to center stage. The realization that buildings represent more than 40% of our energy usage is challenging every business assumption as it relates to buildings and the workplace, including the daily commute to and from the office. Add to that is the increased need for safety and security and the list becomes daunting.

Who will go back to the office, how many days a week, what does the next generation of the workplace look like, what does hybrid mean, how much space do we really need and to what extent can our facilities be managed remotely or even autonomously are just some of the significant questions being asked by corporate America.

There are many unanswered questions, but one thing we do know for sure, technology, automation and innovation are going to play a central role in The Great Corporate REconfiguration. Next generation communications platforms, ever changing video conferencing technologies, efficient and effective enterprise management systems, hybrid, immersive office experiences and virtual management platforms are just some of the technologies at the center of this paradigm shift.

In addition to the technologies, systems and processes, there is also a dramatic shift taking place in the corporate real estate and facilities organizational structure. Real estate, facilities, workplace, IT and human resources will need to work in unison like never before. Siloed departmental strategies are being replace by an integrated organizational approach in which technology is one of the key enablers.

Join some of the most innovative corporate real estate, facilities and workplace professionals from the most successful and leading-edge companies as they continue to REconfigure the buildings that are used by corporate America.

Continuing a conversation that started 12 years ago, CoRE Tech 2023 will focus on groundbreaking automation and technology strategies to help organizations achieve real estate business goals.

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@ the Intersection of Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Energy, Sustainability and Technology


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