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November 16 | The Museum at Meta Campus | Menlo Park, CA

Realcomm first wrote about AI in May of 2016 in an article entitled, "Artificial Intelligence and Buildings — What Does the Future Look Like?"

The article was followed up by a discussion with Cade Metz, then a senior reporter for Wired Magazine, during the Realcomm | IBcon 2016 General Session. Cade spoke of Google's Deep Mind (AI Platform) victory over the Korean Go champion. As a reporter at the competition, he witnessed firsthand the extensive reach and power of Artificial Intelligence. By the end of the General Session discussion, everyone agreed that there was no doubt that AI would someday make its way into our industry and radically change how we design, build, lease, operate, transact, and use real estate. The only questions are when and who will be the first to take the lead.

With advancements in techniques, computing power, and vastly improved training data, Large Language Models (LLMs] and Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs) evolved to a point where they could generate humanlike text in response to queries. Fast forward to November 2022 and OpenAI's ChatGPT took the world by storm. For the first time, everyone across the globe was exposed to the ease of use and the extraordinary opportunities and disruption that AI could potentially cause.

This flurry of interest, curiosity and concern led to many conversations throughout Realcomm | IBcon 2023. Due to this high level of interest, an informal advisory group of over 100 commercial and corporate real estate professionals came together immediately after the conference to attempt to sort out reality from hype and leverage the industry's collective knowledge to mitigate mistakes and advance successful implementations.

From this initial vision, BuildingsAI was born. The inaugural Buildings AI will be held in conjunction with CoRE Tech 2023 at Meta's headquarters in Menlo Park on November 16.

Our goal is to combine the knowledge of the general AI community with the best and brightest from the built environment to accelerate the understanding and implementation of this groundbreaking and transformative technology.


The BuildingsAI Advisory Council is a distinguished group of Corporate Real Estate Executives and Facilities Professionals committed to furthering the adoption of technology, automation and innovation in the industry. They provide guidance and assistance in shaping the education content by identifying pertinent topics, ideas, strategies and solutions relating to the management of corporate real estate assets and operations.

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Sandeep Davé
Hazel Mann
Zetta Advisory
Justin Segal
Boxer Property
Wayne Campbell
Sunder Pappu
Inland Real Estate Group

@ the intersection of corporate real estate, facilities, workplace, technology and innovation


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