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RealcommEDGE Magazine: Conference Edition

In the current issue of the RealcommEDGE Magazine, we asked our Realcomm and IBcon Advisory Council Co-Chairs Steve Lefkowitz, Time Warner, Scott Zimmerman, CenterPoint Properties, Arv Gupta, Cadillac Fairview, Jesse Carrillo, Hines and Chandra Dhandapani, CBRE to share their views about how their technology roles are evolving in this "Age of Acceleration" and how they are managing that change in their organizations.

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The RealcommEDGE magazine is the only publication focused exclusively on technology, automation and innovation for the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate and Facilities industry. It provides readers with astute analysis and world-class case studies demonstrating the best use of technology for the industry.

Technology Leaders in the Age of Acceleration
Featuring Steve Lefkowitz, Time Warner; Scott Zimmerman, CenterPoint Properties; Arv Gupta, Cadillac Fairview; Jesse Carrillo, Hines; Chandra Dhandapani, CBRE

  • From the Publisher: The Age of Acceleration: Navigating Global CRE Technology and Innovation
  • Why the 'As A Service' Model Will Be a Game Changer for Intelligent Buildings
  • The Facility Manager’s Changing Role: Guardian of the Building Experience
  • Empowering Business Through Connected Data
  • Smart Digital Workplaces: Moving Beyond Smart Buildings
  • Empowered: Choices and Challenges in Energy Efficiency
  • 2018 Brings the Next Phase of Big Data for Smart Buildings
  • Transwestern’s Enterprise Journey to Digital Transformation: An Interview with Kurt Emshousen, CAO
  • Smart Buildings Need Smarter Cybersecurity
  • FASB ASC-842 – You Have 275 Days: Are You Ready?
  • Three Questions to Ask When Vetting Intelligent Building Technologies
  • Moving from Analytics to Artificial Intelligence: Is Commercial Real Estate Ready?
  • Advances in Fault Detection and Diagnostics Technology
  • It All Starts with Exploration: Rethinking the Approach to Data Analytics in Facilities
  • Smart Furniture Now a Part of the Connected Building Discussion
  • Forget Blockchain and Bitcoin – AI is Where You Should be Focusing in Commercial Real Estate
  • 2018 Solutions Marketplace Directory

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Nancy Stone, Managing Partner, Events Director, Realcomm
Nancy Stone joined Realcomm as a Managing Partner in 1999. In her role as Events Director, she oversees the delivery of the annual Realcomm | IBcon | CoRE Tech conferences and is also Executive Editor of the RealcommEDGE Magazine. Prior to joining Realcomm, Nancy spent 20 years with CBRE, where her role included nationwide technology implementation and education for all enterprise applications.

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Understanding the Next Generation of Smart Buildings – A CASE STUDY Showcase - 1/17/2019

There are many different opinions on the definition of a smart, intelligent, connected, high-performance building. Energy conservation, operational efficiency and occupant experience are the three fundamental pillars of a smart building. While some take the path of first exploring the technology options, others find greater value in studying completed projects that have incorporated the technology. Case studies provide the opportunity to review the technology decisions as well as the organizational issues and planning processes involved in creating a next generation project. This webinar will present the most successful and notable smart building projects in the world. Project leaders will share their vision, successes and challenges!