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26th Annual Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Finalists Announced!

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Realcomm has been presenting the Digie (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation) Awards since 1999 to recognize those outstanding companies, real estate projects, technologies as well as the people who have gone “above and beyond” to positively impact our industry through the intelligent application of technology, automation and innovation.

The commercial and corporate real estate sector is navigating new challenges. The focus has shifted from remote work strategies to ensuring optimal performance and well-being within buildings. Building owners and tenants responds to this changing landscape with innovative solutions for re-occupancy and productive work environment. This includes leveraging emerging technologies, such as AI, as crucial in enhancing modern workspaces.

The following are the 2024 finalists:


Best Use of Automation

Commercial Real Estate

  1. Inland Real Estate Group
  2. The RMR Group
  3. Tishman Speyer

Retail Real Estate (2 awards)

  1. Kimco Realty
  2. Macerich
  3. Peterson Companies
  4. Primaris REIT
  5. Tanger
  6. Urban Edge Properties

Corporate Real Estate

  1. Accenture
  2. McKesson
  3. Visa

Investment Management

  1. Blackstone
  2. L&B Realty Advisors
  3. PGIM


  1. Bridge Investment Group
  2. Elme Communities

Best Use of AI

Commercial Real Estate (2 awards)

  1. Blackstone
  2. Boxer Property
  3. Greystone
  4. Inland Real Estate Group
  5. Phillips Edison & Company
  6. Primaris REIT

Best Tech Innovation

Commercial / Corporate Real Estate

  1. Cherre – Data Submission Portal
  2. DealSumm
  3. Venn

General Technology

  1. Google – Gemini
  2. Microsoft Copilot
  3. OpenAI – GPT-4o

Best AI Tech Innovation

Commercial Real Estate

  1. CBRE – Enterprise Data Platform
  2. PremiseHQ – AI Virtual Concierge
  3. Proda

Rising Star Award

  1. Denis Cekic
  2. Amanda Gibb
  3. Lewis Martin

Julie Devine Digital Impact Award (2 awards)

  1. Susan Gerock
  2. Cecilia Li
  3. Sunder Pappu
  4. Niraj Patel
  5. Soheil Pourhashemi
  6. Kim Scharf


Most Intelligent

Office Building

  1. 110 East – Charlotte, NC
  2. The Post – Vancouver, BC
  3. Texas Tower – Houston, TX

Office Portfolio

  1. Beacon Capital Partners
  2. Carr
  3. Kilroy Realty

Corporate Headquarters

  1. Goldman Sachs – New York, NY
  2. SAP Bangalore
  3. Walmart Home Office – Bentonville, AK

Digital District

  1. IQHQ Research and Development District – San Diego, CA
  2. National Landing – Alexandria, VA
  3. Water Street Tampa – Tampa, FL


  1. Macerich
  2. Walmart
  3. Woolworths Supermarkets

DC-Powered Building

  1. Burbridge Place – Seattle, WA
  2. Hotel Marcel – New Haven, CT
  3. Mouser Electronics – Mansfield, TX

Multifamily / Residential

  1. 303 Battery – Seattle, WA
  2. IMMIX – Toronto, ON
  3. Villages of Oak Park – Toronto, ON

Best Use of AI

Intelligent Buildings

  1. Carr
  2. Google
  3. QuadReal

Best Tech Innovation

Hybrid Immersive Experience

  1. ARHT
  2. StandardVision

DC Power

  1. Luum.io
  2. OE
  3. Panduit

Wireless Technology

  1. Aditum
  2. Disruptive Technologies
  3. Trade Show Internet

Intelligent Buildings (2 awards)

  1. Andorix
  2. Density
  3. FSG Smart Buildings
  4. GrydSense - Omnos
  5. Honeywell – Optimizer Suite
  6. Lynxspring – E2E

Best AI Tech Innovation

Intelligent Buildings

  1. 75F – Saffron AI
  2. Distech Controls – Resense Move
  3. Elipsa – Intelligent Monitoring Platform

Rising Star Award

  1. Aaron Altscher
  2. Ben Cooper
  3. Nada Sutic

Julie Devine Digital Impact Award (2 awards)

  1. Timothy Cook
  2. Ilene Goldfine
  3. Gerry Hamilton
  4. Brad Kult
  5. Thano Lambrinos
  6. Kay Sargent

The winners will be announced, along with the presentation of the Realcomm Lifetime Achievement award at Realcomm | IBcon 2024 at the Tampa Convention Center. The award ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 20 at 6:00pm at the Realcomm Live stage located on the Expo Floor and will be streamed live. Join us!

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