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Smart Buildings, Districts and Portfolios Featured at the Smart Building Showcase

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An exciting event at the 2022 Realcomm | IBcon conference was the Smart Building Best Practice Showcase. This interactive learning experience featured some of the most innovative commercial and corporate sites in the world. Data designed and data driven, these projects bring the full spectrum of smart technologies to the table. Project leaders shared the vision, design, and lessons learned during the process of planning and implementation. Digital twins, state-of-the-art integrations, infrastructure and security, the BIoT, sustainable energy platforms, virtual and augmented reality, 5G-ready connectivity, PoE, modular construction, and many more transformational technologies were featured - all to serve the user experience and ensure true value for owners and occupants.

Dynamic conversations took place on lessons learned, challenges faced, and insights achieved during each projectís digital transformation into the new intuitive, interactive spaces where we live and work.

Below are three Showcase projects that were featured at the conference. Moving forward, every week we will feature another smart building project in the Realcomm Weekly News Brief.

Oyster Point: Kilroy Realty

Integrating Technology For Future Growth

Oyster Point's cutting-edge design offers an energizing environment with amenities that support wellness, sustainability, and productivity. As part of our development the Construction, Asset Management, Security, Engineering/Facilities, and IT teams worked together to build a campus that utilizes industry leading construction methods in conjunction with next generation technology implementations. The team was able to meld modern technology systems with traditional mechanical components to create a campus that operates in harmony. The deployment of a converged Operational Technology network allows building operators to centrally manage the campus, while also allowing the flexibility to change and segregate components as needed. The technology infrastructure also allows for third party systems to be integrated into our network via a secure validated solution. The site is also supported by multiple service carriers to provide dedicated support for tenant needs.

Bedrock Detroit: Bedrock

Reimagining Our Cities

Bedrock continues its journey at the forefront of smart city initiatives. By paving the way for the next wave of tech companies and big businesses to accelerate Detroitís smart city initiative, they are future-proofing their portfolio and have established new public/private partnerships to make Detroit a Technology Hub for the Midwest. This vision is the newest iteration of strategic development of urban cores, to offer unmatched tenant amenities and services, and create experiences that surprise and delight all who use them. Bedrock and their full suite of technology partners ensures that this smart city will offer the highest standards for sustainability and smart building infrastructure.

QuadReal Portfolio: QuadReal Property Group

Portfolio-Wide Digital Transformation

When QuadReal embarked on their digital transformation journey, the goal was simple but ambitious - drive high-value business outcomes that are underpinned by advanced technologies, and change the way buildings are designed, constructed, and managed. With the intention to reduce costs, drive efficiency, promote health & wellness, enhance sustainability, identify new revenue streams, and transform the customer experience - this journey required a broad focus but a pragmatic approach. Starting with foundational connectivity and security, QuadReal introduced Passive Optical Networks (PON), wireless IoT networks, and converged compute across their commercial portfolio to connect all building systems and services. From there, several strategic projects were executed including various IoT sensor deployments, roll-out of mobile apps and digital platforms, an integrated building management platform, and advanced data analytics. The result: an evolving portfolio on the forefront of innovation.

Tina Danielsen, Special Events, Sr. Writer, Realcomm
Tina Danielsen is a corporate writer, editor and business owner, specializing on the topics of technology and business management. She is a former executive in the printing industry, with an extensive background in sales management and marketing. Tina has over 25 years of experience in project management and professional outreach in multiple business environments.

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