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About Tosibox

Connect the dots with Tosibox. Patented in 40 countries, TOSIBOX has automated every aspect of building cyber security, networking, and cloud communication. From firewall, to access control to self-healing cloud connections, Tosibox has taken the cost, complexity and security risk out of connecting 5 or 5000 buildings.
Categorization: Building Automation - Building Automation
Building Automation - Building Data & Analytics
Building Automation - Facility Management
Building Automation - HVAC
Building Automation - Infrastructure
Building Automation - Security
Business Solutions - Facility Management
Business Solutions - Maintenance Management
Business Solutions - Network Infrastructure
Business Solutions - Property Management
Consulting Services -
Corporate Real Estate - Facilities Management
Corporate Services -
Data -
Digital Signage - Network Infrastructure
Digital Signage - System Integrators
Real Estate - Facility Management
Real Estate - Property Management
Telecom / Wireless - Building Networks
Target Market: Facility Management
Property Management
Geographic Market: International
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Matt Austin
Vice President, Sales North America