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Juniper Square

351 California Street, Suite 1450
San Francisco, CA, 94104
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About Juniper Square

Designed specifically for the real estate industry, Juniper Square helps more than 150 investment sponsors manage more than 50,000 investors and $200B in real estate assets. By using Juniper Square, clients such as Beacon Capital, Cortland Partners, and Stockbridge improve investor satisfaction, boost fundraising productivity, and save time and money on the back office.
Categorization: Business Solutions - Corporate Real Estate Management
Business Solutions - CRM
Business Solutions - Document Management
Business Solutions - Financial Portfolio Management
Business Solutions - General Accounting
Business Solutions - Portfolio Management
Digital Signage - Custom Development
Digital Signage - Digital Signage
Target Market: Investment Managers
Corporate Real Estate
Geographic Market: National
Client Sampling: Cortland
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Brandon Sedloff
Managing Director