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Acknowledging the Visionaries in our Community:
Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Award

Realcomm has held the same goal for 20 years. That is to gather everyone interested in Technology, Automation and Innovation that impacts Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Real Estate in the same community and increase the speed of adoption through accelerated collaboration. Throughout the years, we have acknowledged visionary leaders with our "Digie" Awards. This year, we expanded that recognition with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The criteria for this honor includes: 1) A career span of 20+ YEARS focused on Real Estate, Technology or Real Estate Technology; 2) Have demonstrated a clear VISION on how technology would strategically impact the industry; 3) Have consistently SHARED their time and experience with the community; 4) Willing to take significant RISKS in the name of innovation; and 5) Have made a definite positive IMPACT to the advancement of the Commercial and Corporate industry.

Twenty awards, in alignment with our 20th Anniversary, were presented on June 6 at the Realcomm | IBcon General Session, which was held at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. The following are the first twenty recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award:

Jesse Carrillo
A thoughtful, smart and universally well-liked IT executive managing a global portfolio. He has always been in front of the curve and willing to share his insight and experience with others.

Dave Clute
He has a sustained passion and vision for smart buildings which inspired a major corporation to establish a global smart building / cities program.

Maureen Ehrenberg
A long time and consistent advocate for continuous improvement, her leadership roles at a multitude of major organizations has left a mark globally.

Robert Entin
An early developer of real estate software, he was the first to deploy the concept of a building operations center and remains one of the industry’s' most respected CIOs.

John Gilbert
At the forefront of the next generation of smart buildings, his journey started with 55 Broad Street in New York City.

Mark Golan
As a major force in corporate real estate and facilities, his early vision, commitment and willingness to take risks continues to influence innovation in the industry.

Don Goldstein
One of the industry’s most notable and recognized CIOs, his influence within an international organization delivered innovation at a global scale.

Hari Gunasingham
An international powerhouse behind some of the most visionary and successful smart building projects; his tenaciousness and persistence are legendary.

Tama Huang
Her vision and world view coupled with her passion for improvement, setting of higher benchmarks and unrelenting drive has influenced market leaders around the globe.

Sandy Jacolow
As an influential New York City CIO, his forward thinking and passion for continuous improvement has left his mark not only in Manhattan but around the globe.

Ted Maulucci
He almost single-handedly changed the skyline of Toronto's residential towers from an analog model to one more intelligent and connected.

Scott Morey
In 2004, he spoke of machine learning in building equipment predicting failure. As a CIO, consultant, writer, he has always been a true visionary in our industry.

Paul Oswald
Pragmatic and visionary, authentic, consistent, thorough – he built one of the most capable next generation master system integration companies in the world.

John Petze
Through multiple roles in the smart building marketplace, his consistent and persistent drive for building efficiency has indelibly influenced the industry.

Wayne Pryor
Extremely bright, consistent, and an unparalleled communicator, he has significantly impacted the industry as a respected CIO and consultant.

Joe Rich
He is one of the most consistent, visionary and thoughtful CIOs in New York City who continues to leave his imprint on major real estate companies and landmark projects.

Darrell Smith
Starting with a grand vision and a tenacious attitude, he was one of the first to apply software driven smart building concepts to a massive corporate campus.

Jim Whalen
Steadfast, curious, patiently impatient, always willing to share, collaborate and setting the benchmark for CIOs in our industry.

Anant Yardi
He began with a vision, a DOS platform and turned a basic property management program into a globally respected real estate enterprise platform.

Scott Zimmerman
His consistent focus on technology, automation and innovation for industrial real estate continues to bring about strategic change in this important sector.

Realcomm Staff
Realcomm Conference Group LLC is the leading research and educational institution that produces annual conferences and expositions on technology, automated business solutions and intelligent buildings strategies for executives in commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate. Realcomm was founded in 1999 with the goal of bringing industry leaders together each year to discuss, demonstrate and debate the latest innovations that impact the industry.

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Top GLOBAL INNOVATIONS of 2019 Impacting Commercial and Corporate Real Estate - 12/12/2019

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Jim Young Co-Founder & CEO Founder of Realcomm Conference Group, an education organization that produces Realcomm, IBcon and CoRE Tech, the world's leading conferences on techno
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Jim Young
Co-Founder & CEO

Founder of Realcomm Conference Group, an education organization that produces Realcomm, IBcon and CoRE Tech, the world's leading conferences on technology, automated business solutions, intelligent buildings and energy efficiency for the commercial and corporate real estate industry. As CEO, Jim interacts with some of the largest companies globally pertaining to some of the most advanced and progressive next generation real estate projects under development.

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Jeffrey Chulick
Global RE Technology & Innovation Leader

Jeff Chulick is the Technology and Innovation Leader for EY Real Estate Services. He leads a global team of professionals focused on the identification, innovation, design and realization of technology solutions that greatly enhance the workplace experience. His areas of focus include digital strategy, smart workplace, IoT, visual communications, workplace management, physical access and audio/visual technology. Jeff has over 20 years of enabling workplace strategies and delivering innovative solutions for EY and external clients across many different industries.