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@ the Intersection of Commercial and Corporate Real Estate, Technology, Automation and Innovation
JUNE 13 - 14, 2019 | NASHVILLE, TN
Golf Outing & Tech Tours: June 11 | Pre-Con Events: June 12


Realcomm has been presenting the Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation "Digie" Awards since 1999. These awards recognize those who are improving the commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate industries, which must manage an inordinate amount of information, systems and business processes to operate. This data intensive, manual, mostly disconnected environment provides the perfect opportunity for innovation that can radically transform how we do business.

Commercial, Corporate, Government and Institutional Real Estate involve an inordinate amount of information, systems and business processes to operate. This data intensive, manual, mostly disconnected environment provides the perfect opportunity to radically transform how we do our business. For this reason we continue to recognize those who are leading the charge for a more efficient, effective and profitable industry.

Best Use of Automation

From new work order management systems that allow tenants to get the leak fixed faster, to integrated transaction systems that allow for more efficient and accurate transactions, automation is central to the future of our industry. Whether it's a brokerage company or an owner/operator, those firms who understand the benefits of streamlining business processes will surely be the leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Property/Facility Management
  • Investment Management
  • Architecture/Engineering/Construction

Real Estate Technology Innovation

Each and every year since 1999 we witness a host of new solutions developed for our industry. Ranging from accounting and financial applications to lease management and electronic fund transfer. Given the number of traditional manual processes that are found within the buildings space, the opportunity for automation is endless. Ultimately we are looking to reduce the number of steps it takes to accomplish a task, integrate information where appropriate, create one version of the truth and allow real estate professionals to make more accurate and timely decisions. This award will be given to those companies that strive to re-engineer our very manual and disparate industry through the creation of innovative automation solutions. Over time out industry will be transformed to a more efficient and seamless environment and these companies and products will continue to play a major role.

Digital Impact Awards

Changing the Commercial, Corporate, Government and Institutional Real Estate industry into a digital model is not an easy task. For years, the innovators have struggled to get acceptance by an industry that has been doing things the same way for a very long time. However, given the size and scope of the impact our business has on the US and International economy, combined with the fact that our systems are terribly inefficient, these visionaries have not given up. This award is designed to acknowledge those individuals who saw things ahead of their associates, had the courage to leave the mainstream and the tenacity to keep standing up after many failed attempts. History proves that we cannot accomplish major change without these innovators and for this they need to be recognized.


Celebrating 20 years in 2018, Realcomm created this award to acknowledge the visionaries in our community. This year, we are looking for two individuals that meet the following criteria and have: 1) A career span of 20+ YEARS focused on Real Estate, Technology or Real Estate Technology; 2) Demonstrated a clear VISION on how technology would strategically impact the industry; 3) Consistently SHARED their time and experience with the community; 4) Willingness to take significant RISKS in the name of innovation; and 5) Made a definite positive IMPACT to the advancement of the Commercial and Corporate industry.


For over 20 years, we have been giving awards to those individuals, companies and projects in the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate industry that have innovated using technology and automation. This year we are adding the “Real Estate Technology – Young Innovators Award." This award will focus on young professionals who are beginning to make significant impact to our industry through the use of technology. We will be presenting two awards, one for Realcomm (Real Estate Enterprise and Information Management) and one for IBcon (Smart, Connected, Intelligent, High-Performance Buildings).