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Pre-Con Events: June 5 | Innovation Tech Tours: June 8

@ the Intersection of Commercial and Corporate Real Estate, Technology, Automation and Innovation

Who Should Attend

Our mission is to gather all sectors of the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Industry under one roof to discuss technology and business issues. Our programs have been designed to meet the needs of this industry at all levels -- Executive, Management, Professional and Support -- from each of the following sectors:

Architecture & Design
Asset Management
City Planning
Commercial Lending
Commercial Real Estate Law
Commercial Real Estate Consulting
Corporate Real Estate
Economic Development
Facilities Management
Investment Brokerage & Management
Property Management
Real Estate Academia
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Settlement Services
Tenant Representation

Because the topic of technology spans entire organizations, it is imperative that technology and business solutions involve multiple personnel within a company. It makes no sense for an executive to attend without the guidance of his or her technical staff, or vice versa. We have found the perfect team to be a combination of:

The Executive in charge of leading a Commercial Real Estate organization needs to understand how the commercial market is being impacted by technology. This person needs to be the one to develop the vision and plan and it is critical for them to understand these changes from both a tactical and strategic perspective. If the executive leadership does not own the vision as it relates to technology, the plan will not succeed. Transforming an organization from an analog model to the digital model of the 21st century must be driven by executive leadership and the road to change begins at Realcomm.

Business Development
There is rarely an area in which technology will not be involved in business. In the 21st century, delivery of services will ultimately cross the digital highway. If the professional engaged in the business development aspect of a company is not aware of or using new business techniques, the value of their services will ultimately be challenged. No matter how good the farmer, the shovel was ultimately replaced with the tractor.

At the end of the day it will ultimately be the professional of any organization who will embrace the new tools being introduced. Without the buy-in of the professional many automation initiatives have failed in the past. In selecting a professional to attend, we recommend that a representative group be present. Someone who embraces new solutions and someone who might be considered a naysayer. These individuals should be respected within the organization and will ultimately become the inside salesman for any strategic automation project.

This individual is typically chartered with the day to day operations of running a firm. Marketing, Finance, Facilities and Human Resources are just a few of their areas of responsibility. With all the new technology and business solutions now becoming available to address the more effective and efficient delivery of these services, the individual representing this aspect of a firm cannot be absent.

Office Management
At the most micro level of running a firm, these individuals are chartered with the details. If they are not aware of the most state-of-the-art solutions, chances are their staff is not running efficiently. Whether it be the utilization of the companies Intranet, choosing telecommunications solutions or getting mailings out the door, new technologies and solutions will certainly be at the center of this individual's daily routine.

Every aspect of Commercial Real Estate marketing is changing, Database driven property and personnel directories; flash-multimedia presentations as well as e-mail and database forms are changing the way a firm communicates its capabilities. To be effective in the future, marketing professionals will need to have a digital strategy to augment traditional solutions. Realcomm gathers its solutions from some of the top technology conferences in the industry and will surely provide for competitive insight into the future.

Understanding data and information about Commercial Real Estate is one of the most critical aspects of the transaction. New research solutions as well as data sources never accessible before the Internet are changing the way we quantify Commercial Real Estate. Realcomm provides easy access to all the leading software analysis tools as well as market data providers. If you want your research team to be on the edge of industry solutions, they cannot afford to miss Realcomm.

At the heart of Realcomm is infrastructure technology and business solutions for the Commercial Real Estate market. Those individuals within an organization that are responsible for technology decisions would benefit greatly from this conference. Realcomm provides IT professionals with a cutting-edge perspective of everything from networking, telecommunications, work stations and mobile devices. The key is not to have this person attend alone; the information will be overwhelming and it will be difficult to communicate if an organizationís executives are not also present.

In the future, every organization will be required to reeducate its workforce on a number of different topics. Traditional education will not be replaced but rather augmented by long distance learning solutions. Long distance learning over the Internet is finally becoming a reality and the more progressive organizations have already begun to integrate this into their strategy. The new Internet based solutions will redefine how you educate and it is imperative that the person responsible for training is aware of the newest digital techniques.