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About CBRS Alliance

The CBRS Alliance is an industry organization dedicated to democratizing the next generation of wireless by evangelizing LTE-based OnGo technology, use cases, and business opportunities. OnGo offers fast and reliable mobile services over shared spectrum, offering high-speed LTE at the affordability and ease-of-use of Wi-Fi. This innovative approach provides secure, cost-effective in-building connectivity and supports new Private LTE and IoT applications.
Categorization: Building Automation - Enterprise Solutions
Building Automation - In-Building Wireless
Building Automation - Mobile Devices
Business Solutions - Network Infrastructure
Consulting Services -
Corporate Real Estate -
Corporate Services -
Data -
Digital Signage -
Real Estate - Corporate Real Estate
Real Estate - Hospitality
Real Estate - Owner
Real Estate - Property Management
Real Estate - Real Estate
Telecom / Wireless - Building Networks
Telecom / Wireless - High-Speed Internet
Telecom / Wireless - In-Building Wireless
Telecom / Wireless - Telecom / Wireless
Target Market: Owner
Corporate Real Estate
Property Management
Geographic Market: National
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Oren Binder
Marketing Chair