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About Bractlet

Bractlet''s proprietary software gives commercial office owners realtime intelligence and insight into their buildings'' performance. By creating a "digital energy twin" of each unique asset, Bractlet identifies cost-saving measures and assists in capital planning and budgeting, commissioning, and performance verification of selected projects. Additionally, Bractlet''s software provides realtime equipment-level analytics, diagnostics, notifications, and visualization of BAS and weather data.
Categorization: Building Automation - BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Building Automation - Building Automation
Building Automation - Building Data & Analytics
Building Automation - Energy
Building Automation - HVAC
Building Automation - Lighting
Business Solutions - Asset Management
Business Solutions - Budgeting
Business Solutions - Energy Management
Business Solutions - Forecasting
Business Solutions - Portfolio Management
Consulting Services - Building Automation
Consulting Services - Business Intelligence
Consulting Services - Energy Management
Corporate Real Estate - Facilities Management
Corporate Real Estate - Performance Management
Corporate Real Estate - Portfolio Optimization
Corporate Services -
Data - Data
Digital Signage -
Real Estate - Asset Management
Real Estate - Facility Management
Real Estate - Owner
Real Estate - Property Management
Real Estate - REIT
Target Market: Owner
Property Management
Geographic Market: National
Client Sampling: Nuveen
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