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Founded in 1986, ICONICS is an award-winning independent software developer offering real-time visualization, energy management, building automation and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) solutions. ICONICS software is operating and optimizing over 50,000 buildings today, including many of the largest buildings and real-estate portfolios. ICONICS software solutions include the highest levels of BACnet and OPC compliance to integrate with all equipment, as well as with control and IT systems.
Categorization: Building Automation - BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Building Automation - Building Automation
Building Automation - Building Data & Analytics
Building Automation - Energy
Building Automation - Enterprise Solutions
Building Automation - Facility Management
Business Solutions - Asset Management
Business Solutions - Cloud Computing
Business Solutions - Corporate Real Estate Management
Business Solutions - Energy Management
Business Solutions - Facility Management
Business Solutions - Maintenance Management
Business Solutions - Mobility
Business Solutions - Portfolio Management
Business Solutions - Property Management
Corporate Real Estate - Corporate Real Estate
Corporate Real Estate - Facilities Management
Corporate Real Estate - Mobility Solutions
Corporate Real Estate - Portfolio Optimization
Data - Data
Data - GIS
Real Estate - Asset Management
Real Estate - Corporate Real Estate
Real Estate - Facility Management
Real Estate - Property Management
Target Market: Owner
Facility Management
Corporate Real Estate
Geographic Market: International
Client Sampling: US Pentagon
Microsoft Corporation
JTC Singapore
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Stewart Paterson
Business Development Manager