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Front and center at this year's conference: safety, security and health with COVID tech, protocols and procedures


As the commercial and corporate real estate industry focuses on returning to the workplace and begins to reengage with colleagues and peers, Realcomm is excited to be a part of that process by presenting the Realcomm | IBcon 2021 conference in-person in November. Safety, security and health are a priority for today's in-person gatherings and for that reason we have implemented a number of traditional and innovative COVID and IAQ protocols and procedures.

Onsite Health Protocols

Our Onsite Health Protocols require that all attendees submit in advance either proof of vaccination or a negative test result within three days to attend the event. Onsite rapid testing will also be available. This will minimize the potential of exposure to COVID.

Onsite COVID Tech

As a longtime supporter of innovation in the built environment, we believe that our events, just like many other business activities that are done indoors, present the perfect opportunity to implement cutting-edge technology to help combat COVID as well as improve IAQ in facilities.

The following COVID and IAQ technologies will be utilized and demonstrated during the conference.

Carr Properties: Indoor Air Quality and Purification Project

Carr Properties has implemented the following air measurement and purification technologies using IAQ devices to improve the air flow in buildings, creating a better return to work experience for their customers. The following technologies will be implemented throughout the conference as well as showcased in the COVID Tech and IAQ Lab:

Plasma by RestorePoint: Centralized data aggregation, storage and service to collect and serve data end to end.   

Aura Smart Air: Filtration at the edge for common spaces and air quality detection. Positive trial results were reported on the purification of indoor air with the SAR-COV-2 virus. The trial found that Aura Smart Air's air purification system destroyed 99.998% of the virus in an enclosed space 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters and 3 meters high. 

Senseware: High integrity IoT system with not just IAQ data but environmental such as ionization, PM 0.3, light, sound, and motion.

Radgreen: A one-stop environmental management solution that lets you optimize the air quality, thermal comfort, noise levels, light parameters, and viral index (which includes COVID), at the push of a button to create the perfect environment for your employees & visitors.

Mach Wellstat: Indoor air measurement integrated into a larger utility IoT platform.


LuminUltra: Microbial Testing

Prior to the start of the conference, all high traffic areas will be swabbed for SARS-CoV-2. LuminUltra's qPCR surface testing solution enables early detection of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in a facility so that action can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk of widespread infections. A positive surface testing result can indicate an immediate need to take steps to mitigate risk, including cleaning, remediation and instituting isolation protocols. Consistent surface testing enables evidence-based knowledge to verify an environment has been effectively returned to a safe-state, with no indication of SARS-CoV-2, enabling people to fully work, live and play with confidence.

SymptomSense: Non-Invasive Vital Screening Kiosk

Located throughout the conference venue, the Kiosk will provide attendees the quickest way to check how they are feeling throughout the day. The Kiosk uses an advanced infrared dual-technology imaging technology and ready-to-use, user-friendly software for super-fast/real time integrated vital readings. It is a multi-faceted, multi-sensor kiosk ready to screen for three (3) key vitals: external body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen level.

GallatinAir: KleanseAIR Series HEPA Air Purifiers 

GallatinAIR's KleanseAIR Series Air Purifiers will be installed in all the conference meeting rooms. Each room will have as much as 5-8 air changes per hour, which exceeds the CDC recommended air change level for meeting rooms to provide a clean and reliable indoor air quality for the event. The KleanseAIR units are small, constructed of light weight ruggedized steel, with a powerful 440 cubic feet per minute, clean air delivery rate with a less than 1 amp power consumption. It is designed to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in its class.  

Crowd Pass & Crowd Health

CrowdPass is the future of live event safety, with an intuitive web management application that preclears attendees for events by documenting either negative COVID-19 test results or confirmation of the vaccines. CrowdHealth provides onsite rapid testing, professional staff and certified medical grade supplies for live events. They are an all-in-one safety solution.

R-Zero Arc & Vive: UV-C Disinfection

Will be showcased at the COVID Tech and IAQ Lab. Arc is a hospital-grade UV-C for surface and air disinfection designed for dynamic environments. It is independently validated to destroy 99.99% of pathogens in 1,000 sq ft in less than 7 minutes. Vive is the world's first autonomous far-UVC device that provides complete protection in occupied spaces. Three 222 nm excimer bulbs inactivate 99%+ of pathogens to reduce infection risk in the air and on surfaces in areas where people gather. Vive reduces airborne and surface risk 3x+ per 100 sq ft with the only UV light safe for human exposure.



@ the Intersection of Commercial and Corporate Real Estate,
Technology, Automation and Innovation