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The smart connected high performance Intelligent Buildings conference
JUNE 13 - 14, 2019 | NASHVILLE, TN
Golf Outing & Tech Tours: June 11 | Pre-Con Events: June 12

Wednesday June 12

There’s no better way to kick-off this year’s conference than by attending one of our pre-conference events. These comprehensive and innovative programs are designed based on the attendee’s role within the Commercial, Corporate, Government and Institutional Real Estate industry.

Maximize the value of our pre-conference sessions by bringing your team – IT, FM, PM, Energy, Innovation, Marketing, Sustainability, Operations and Finance – when it comes to technology and innovation, Realcomm and IBcon have something for everyone in your organization!

Advance reservations are required for all pre-conference events. You must be a registered attendee of Realcomm or IBcon to attend.

CRE Cybersecurity Forum

June 12 | 8:00AM-11:45AM | Nashville Music City Center

Over the past decade, weaponized code delivered by malicious actors has evolved to be one of the greatest threats to our country's welfare and economy. Cybercrime affects everyone, including individuals, businesses, organizations and government. It was inevitable that cyber threats would eventually find vulnerable commercial real estate targets, both at the enterprise and infrastructure level. Cybersecurity as it impacts the built environment remains one of the most requested topics in our industry. This Forum will bring together industry thought leaders to address the most high-impact cyber threats and leverage their experience and knowledge to set benchmarks for cybersecurity strategy. Much of the content for this forum will be developed by the ongoing work of the Real Estate Cyber Consortium (RECC). More Info

IB Boot Camp

June 12 | 1:30pm-6:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

Converting a traditional building into a smart building can be a daunting task; transforming a portfolio or campus is an even greater challenge. Over the last eight years, this Boot Camp has provided professionals a step-by-step guide on where to begin. Defining the attributes of a smart building, developing a comprehensive strategy, assembling a smart building team, understanding 5G and other emerging wireless technologies and establishing building cyber guidelines are just a few of the topics to be discussed. This is a very important step for anyone considering the design and development of a smart building strategy and makes this Boot Camp a must attend event. More Info

Smart Building Integrator Summit (SBIS)

June 12 | 1:30pm-6:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

To begin automating a building, all roads lead to a master systems integrator. In most cases, the integrator is the organization that will align industry solutions with the goals and objectives of the client. The single building, single vendor solution can no longer meet the needs of the market. In a world where IT is quickly encroaching on traditional building automation, yesterday's strategies no longer work. If you're a traditional integrator looking to expand your service offerings to meet the future needs of today's open architected, interoperable, integrated, IT centric intelligent buildings, portfolios, campuses and cities, you won't want to miss this dynamic Summit. More Info

Higher Education Smart Campus Summit

June 12 | 1:30pm-6:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

Returning for the fourth year, the Higher Education Smart Campus Summit is a must attend pre-conference event for colleges and universities. In many cases, college campuses operate like small cities, with both new and aging real estate, and with diverse services required. Thought leaders for the 'campus of the future' will address topics such as building analytics, next generation fault detection, wide area building networks, building operating system selection, IoT engagement and deployment, comprehensive cybersecurity guidelines, IP-enablement of traditional analog devices, partnering with IT departments, and developing a strategy. They will also discuss the impacts of emerging topics such as AI, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Augmented/Immersive Reality, Blockchain and more. This by-invitation event is only open to university professionals in Real Estate, Facilities, Energy and Sustainability. More Info

Smart Building Leadership Forum

June 12 | 5:00pm-6:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

In the early days, mechanical systems were standalone with little or no integration. Next came systems for smart buildings, focused on the idea of integrating these disparate systems for efficiency and cost savings. Today, the next generation of smart buildings is open architected, interoperable, integrated and IP-centric. They utilize smart edge devices and the cloud, and have expanded functionality that goes beyond one building to include portfolios and campuses, with a heavy emphasis on IoT. This forum gathers individuals and organizations that have been leading the way on this journey. These are the true innovators, early adopters, pioneers, risk takers and market creators who continue to pursue the next iteration of smart buildings and answer to the question, “What’s next?” More Info

CIO Roundtable

June 12 | 1:00pm-6:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

Elevating commercial real estate technology strategy education for well over a decade, the Realcomm CIO Roundtable has become the premier annual event that attracts the best and brightest CIOs in the commercial real estate industry. This highly focused event addresses issues including digital transformation, organizational alignment, cyber, PropTech investments, new innovations and IT strategy, as well as a host of new topics identified each year. It also provides an annual opportunity to reset the benchmarks for IT related issues, which keeps Real Estate IT strategies current to mitigate risk and accelerate adoption. The CIO Roundtable is a by-invitation only event. More Info

COO|CFO|CAO Innovation Summit

June 12 | 1:30pm-6:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

Technology and its impact to Commercial Real Estate is no longer a tactical discussion but rather an important component of the overall business strategy. Business executives must not only manage incremental improvements on the operational side, but also clearly understand the changing occupant experience and ultimately how we use and manage space. The Commercial Real Estate COO|CFO|CAO Innovation Summit is an opportunity for business leaders to gather with peers to network, exchange information and share best practices from a strategic viewpoint. Participants will hear from domain experts on wide ranging topics, including Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Smart Buildings, Organizational Realignment and more. This Summit is open to Commercial Real Estate COOs, CAOs, CFOs or others involved in finance or administration only. More Info

5G Congress

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June 12 | 10:30am-7:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

5G is no longer just a talking point, it’s becoming reality. Join DASpedia’s 5G Congress to learn about technical and economic implications for the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate and Facilities industries. Engage in discussions with cellular wireless industry professionals and experts involved in designing and deploying 5G, CBRS and other wireless network technologies. Explore exciting business opportunities - US Mobile Network Operators such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are signing multi-billion dollar deals with equipment vendors and solution providers to launch their 5G networks. All registered Realcomm and IBcon attendees are invited. Please register at the DASpedia Event Page using discount code REALDAS.

Property Manager Technology & Innovation Forum

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June 12 | 1:30pm-6:00pm | Nashville Music City Center

Today’s property manager is dealing with some of the most significant changes the industry has ever experienced. Technology, automation and innovation are impacting almost every aspect of Commercial Real Estate. Building communications infrastructure, smart building and IoT technologies, occupant experience platforms, AI, 3D visualization, immersive signage, co-working, lease process automation, autonomous vehicles and blockchain are just some of the technologies poised to change property management forever. IREM and Realcomm have partnered to develop this cutting-edge, relevant and timely Forum. Property managers wanting to take their technology skills to the next level will not want to miss this event. More Info