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10/17/2019 Ford Land Is Creating a 21st Century Tech Enabled Workplace - Paul Maximuk Explains!
10/10/2019 Digitally Transforming Microsoft's Global Real Estate Portfolio: Emmanuel Daniel Discusses Strategy
10/10/2019 Electrical Metering and the Building Internet of Things
10/3/2019 Stanford University: Developing Talent for Smart Building Strategies
10/3/2019 Elevating Corporate Real Estate Through Business-Centric Analytics
9/26/2019 Carr Properties & Prologis Discuss the Importance of a Business / Technology Strategy
9/26/2019 LTE Necessary in the Face of 5G
9/19/2019 Seven Technologies Destined to Change Commercial and
Corporate Real Estate
9/19/2019 The Path to Painless Budgeting & Forecasting
9/12/2019 The World’s First Fully AI-Driven Building: Bee’ah Sustainable Headquarters
9/5/2019 PropTech Video Showcase: ExxonMobil, Related | Hudson Yards, QuadReal, RECC & CohnReznick
8/29/2019 The Coming Disruption of Industrial Real Estate
8/22/2019 Realcomm Market Comparison: Update from Down Under
8/15/2019 Hack Proof: Cybersecurity & Smart Buildings
8/8/2019 Real Estate Technology & the Talent Shortage
8/8/2019 Today’s Building Conversations
8/1/2019 Accelerating Smart Building Solutions with Cloud, AI and IoT
8/1/2019 Move Over Digital Workplace. The Connected Workplace is Here.
7/25/2019 What Are The Top 15 PropTech Trends for 2019-2020?
7/25/2019 Building on Realcomm ׀ IBcon Connections
7/17/2019 Beyond Appraised Value: The Promise of AI-Enhanced Building and Location Scores
7/10/2019 Transforming Commercial Environments: Insights from the Inaugural State of the Smart Buildings Market Study
7/10/2019 The Consumerization of CRE Tech
7/3/2019 RealcommEDGE Magazine: Digital Edition
6/27/2019 Realcomm | IBcon 2019 Ends on a High Note in Music City USA
6/20/2019 Congratulations to Our 2019 Digie Award Winners!
6/20/2019 The Buzz on Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Buildings
6/14/2019 Art McCann of Highwoods Discusses Leveraging Technology for Innovation in Real Estate
6/14/2019 6 Ways to Make Proptech Deliver For Your Business
6/5/2019 Zorba Manolopoulos of Facebook Talks About Next Gen Occupant Experience
6/5/2019 American Tower: Bringing Buildings & Venues into the Future of Wireless Communications
5/31/2019 Realcomm | IBcon 2019 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
5/31/2019 Making the Machines Work for You
5/23/2019 Uncovering the PropTech Trends for 2019 – Easier Said Than Done!
5/23/2019 The Next Employee Experience
5/16/2019 FACT OR FICTION – Making Sense of the RETech, PropTech and CRETech Landscape
5/16/2019 Cloud-based Meter Infrastructure Management
5/8/2019 BIM vs. Digital Twin Technology
5/2/2019 Executives from Facebook, Brookfield, Related–Hudson Yards and ExxonMobil to Speak on Real Estate Innovation @ Scale at the Realcomm | IBcon General Session
5/2/2019 Enabling and Optimizing the Smart Digital Workplace
4/25/2019 Kenneth Finnegan of Hudson Yards Talks Tech & the Country's Largest Real Estate Development
4/25/2019 The 2019 Built Environment
4/17/2019 Connected Planning and Its Impact on Commercial Real Estate
4/10/2019 How to Think About AI in Real Estate
4/10/2019 Intelligent Buildings: Connecting to What’s Next
4/4/2019 Real Estate Cyber Risk: Are You Prepared?
4/4/2019 Why You Need to Prepare Now for Gen Z’s Influence on Real Estate
3/28/2019 Alibaba’s Hema, Amazon’s Go, Macerich's Brandbox: Where is Agile Retail Headed?
3/28/2019 Want A Connected Workplace? The Secret is in Your Pocket
3/20/2019 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Cheryl Gray of QuadReal Leads Global Strategy in Digital Innovation
3/20/2019 In-Building Wireless Enabling 5G, CBRS & Smart Buildings
3/14/2019 5G & the History of Wireless Networks
3/14/2019 How Do You Implement a High-Value Energy Strategy?
3/6/2019 Oracle Rolls Out an IoT-Enabled Workplace Strategy
2/27/2019 Altus Group CRE Innovation Report Reveals Rapid Acceleration of PropTech Adoption & Rise of Disintermediation as Major Trends Impacting CRE
2/27/2019 How to Manage FASB & IFRS Lease Accounting in a Sea of Changing Standards
2/20/2019 REcalibrate | Real Estate Companies Using Innovation to Turn Challenges into Opportunities
2/14/2019 Working in Offices, Lobbies, Airports, Restaurants and Malls – Space Densification Takes Hold!
2/14/2019 Towards a Cybersecurity Partnership in Connected Buildings
2/6/2019 The Enhanced Occupant Experience – Taking Buildings to the Next Level!
2/6/2019 Outsourcing As A Business Strategy
1/31/2019 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Cindy Parker, Managing Director of IT, LaSalle Investment Management
1/31/2019 3 Ways CRE Can Influence Corporate Strategy in 2019 & Beyond
1/24/2019 Make Your CRE Experience Belong: Customizing Technology Design for Different Places
1/17/2019 CES 2019: Consumer Tech Trends That Will Impact CRE – 5G, Digital Walls, Flying Taxis and More! 
1/9/2019 Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Technology Innovation – What’s Ahead in 2019
1/3/2019 WeWork is Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Think About Their Corporate Workplace
12/26/2018 Rob Murchison & Tom Shircliff of Intelligent Buildings Discuss Technology in the Age of Acceleration
12/26/2018 AI Impact on Reliability and Safety Within the Energy Sector
12/19/2018 Control System Cybersecurity & What It Means to Buildings
12/13/2018 Srini Khandavilli of Intel Discusses Global Smart Building Implementation at Scale
12/5/2018 Jared Summers of ExxonMobil is Leading the Way to Corporate Real Estate Innovation
12/5/2018 Is Your Network Leaving Money on the Table?
11/29/2018 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Damien Wu, CIO, Link, the Largest REIT in Asia
11/21/2018 2030 & Beyond: Campus of the Future | Relevance is Critical to the Future of Higher Education
11/21/2018 Getting to the Top of the Stack | How Employee Experience [EX] is Becoming the Priority for C-Suite Leaders
11/16/2018 Chandra Dhandapani of CBRE Discusses Digital Transformation As Powered by People and Technology
11/8/2018 The Unisphere: Largest Commercial Net Zero Building in the United States
11/1/2018 Standing, Stretching and Soaking Up Sun: Healthy Office Habits Make a Major Difference
11/1/2018 What to Look for in a Workplace Solution
10/25/2018 RealcommEDGE | Maureen Ehrenberg, JLL, Srini Khandavilli, Intel & Jared Summers, ExxonMobil Talk CRE Tech Innovation
10/25/2018 Data is the New Oil: Are You Using Yours?
10/18/2018 The Impact of 5G & Corporate Real Estate's Changing Telecommunications Landscape
10/18/2018 Why You Need to Prepare Now for Gen Z’s Influence on Real Estate
10/11/2018 Stuart Appley, Brian Oswald & Matt Toner of CBRE Discuss Smart Buildings, Occupant Experience & Beyond!
10/11/2018 Technology and Autonomous Vehicles Impacting Office Market Trends
10/3/2018 Smart Building Best Practice Showcase: Featuring the Newest, Most Innovative Corporate Buildings & Campuses Presented @ CoRE Tech 2018
10/3/2018 Solving the Procurement Puzzle
9/26/2018 Warner Media’s Smart Building Journey: 30 Hudson Yards
9/26/2018 The Next Era of Tenant Communications is Conversational
9/19/2018 The New Realities: How VR & AR Are Changing the Way We Operate & Use Buildings
9/19/2018 Data Protection – The Evolution
9/12/2018 RE Tech | PropTech | CRE Tech: An Assessment of the Industry's M&A Activity
9/12/2018 Empowering the Front Office
9/6/2018 Realcomm CIO Forum Sydney Attracts Top Local Industry Leaders from Mirvac, Dexus, Lendlease & More!
8/30/2018 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Aaron Pais, CIO, Morguard
8/23/2018 Blockchain for CRE: Future Promise vs. Current Reality
8/23/2018 How Disruptive Technology Is Changing CRE
8/16/2018 The Changing Role of the Smart Building Integrator
8/16/2018 Analytics at Edge
8/9/2018 Jesse Carrillo of Hines Discusses Hedging the Future of CRE As Investments In PropTech Continue
8/3/2018 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Susan Gerock, VP, IT & CIO of WashREIT
8/3/2018 Maximizing Operational Efficiency: Tenant Apps Provide More Than Just Better Engagement
7/26/2018 Advancements in CRE Process Automation Can No Longer Be Ignored
7/19/2018 Interest in Microgrids by Real Estate Companies Part of a Wider C&I Market Trend
7/19/2018 Where to Start with Investing in New Tech?
7/12/2018 The Realcomm Solution Provider Community: Leaders In the CRE Tech / PropTech / Real Estate Innovation Discussion
7/12/2018 Is Your Building Engineer a 'Schneider' or a 'Gates'?
7/5/2018 International Towers Sydney, Barangaroo South: A New Benchmark for Smart Buildings
6/29/2018 Bob Sulentic, CEO of CBRE Discusses Technology & the Impact to Commercial & Corporate Real Estate
6/29/2018 Five Ways to Make Data Work for the Workplace
6/21/2018 Congratulations to Our 2018 Digie Award Winners!
6/21/2018 Software is Eating the World – Get Your Piece of the Pie
6/14/2018 Acknowledging the Visionaries in our Community:
Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Award
6/8/2018 Technology Leaders in The Age of Acceleration: Chandra Dhandapani, CBRE
6/8/2018 Lighting Control Systems
5/31/2018 Realcomm | IBcon 2018 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
5/23/2018 RealcommEDGE Magazine: Conference Edition
5/16/2018 Blockchain Technology is Coming: Is the World of Real Estate Ready?
5/10/2018 Justin Segal of Boxer Property Discusses Big Data & Analytics in Buildings
5/2/2018 The Fate of Construction Data: Who Will Own It?
5/2/2018 Forward Looking Information: A Requirement for Optimizing Performance
4/26/2018 Facebook’s Privacy Breach of Trust – What Does It Have to Do with Commercial & Corporate Real Estate?
4/26/2018 The Smart, Connected Building
4/18/2018 Tenant Experience Applications: The Hot Topic for 2018
4/18/2018 A Day in the Life – Defining the User Journey for an Intelligent Building
4/12/2018 Technology Leaders in The Age of Acceleration: Steve Lefkowitz, Time Warner
4/4/2018 Digital Twins for BUILDINGS – Visualizing the World in 3D Maps!
4/4/2018 Where to Work? Coworking Fills a Growing Need
3/29/2018 Moving from Analytics to AI: Is Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Ready?
3/29/2018 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) You Need to Better Manage the Modern Workplace
3/21/2018 It All Starts with Exploration: Rethinking the Approach to Data Analytics in Facilities
3/21/2018 Intelligent Building 3.0: The IoT Platform
3/15/2018 Ten York: Digital Living in the Smart Community
3/15/2018 Transparency in Buildings. Why It Matters
3/8/2018 Matt Toner of CBRE Discusses the Future of AI, Automation & Innovation in the Workforce
3/1/2018 Tech Companies Embrace Real Estate Development: From Buildings to Cities
3/1/2018 Smart Buildings Need Smarter Cybersecurity
2/22/2018 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with Bob Rybak, CIO, Morguard
2/16/2018 The Age of Acceleration: Navigating Global CRE Technology & Innovation
2/16/2018 A Case for Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Data & Document Management
2/8/2018 2018 Brings the Next Phase of Big Data for Smart Buildings
2/8/2018 The "Three E's"
2/1/2018 Robert Entin of Vornado Discusses the Pace of CRE Technology
1/25/2018 The Legal Implications of Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Digital Transformation
1/18/2018 CRE & the Quest for the Rosetta Stone: The All-in-One 3D Data Platform
1/11/2018 Altus Group Report Reveals Industry Disconnect on Impact of Game Changing Technologies in CRE
1/4/2018 Larry Smarr of Calit2 Discusses the Next Generation of High Impact Technologies
12/28/2017 2017 – That’s a Wrap! What’s in Store for Real Estate Technology in 2018?
12/19/2017 Five Reasons Your Building Isn’t as Secure as You Think
12/13/2017 Mixed-use Innovation Districts: The Future of Sustainable Development
12/13/2017 Facility Management Blind Spots: How to Eliminate Them
12/8/2017 Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Innovators Share Vision at CoRE Tech 2017
11/29/2017 Art McCann, CIO of Highwoods Discusses Their Smart Digital Transformation Journey
11/21/2017 RealcommEDGE Preview: Google & McKesson Weigh-In on CRE Tech Innovation
11/16/2017 Empowering Business Through Connected Data
11/16/2017 Why the 'As A Service' Model Will Be a Game Changer for Intelligent Buildings
11/9/2017 3,000 SF Nordstrom Local Store Just the Beginning of the ‘Smaller and Smarter’ Revolution
11/9/2017 Removing Limitations for Partners
11/2/2017 NextGen Transportation Meets Buildings: Q&A with Max Crowley, UBER for Business
11/2/2017 Workplace Services: The Missing Link in the Successful Customer Journey
10/26/2017 Mike Huaco, Global Head of Real Estate at McKesson, Discusses NextGen Facilities & Workplace Transformation
10/19/2017 Microsoft Explores IoT Potential in Smart Bathrooms
10/19/2017 IoT and Facility Management – What’s Next
10/12/2017 FASB ASC-842 – You Have 446 Days: Are You Ready?
10/4/2017 "Smart Furniture" Now a Part of the "Connected Building" Discussion
9/28/2017 Mark Golan, VP Real Estate & Workplace Services @ Google Talks Corporate Transformation & Innovation
9/28/2017 How to Optimize the Workplace & More With 3D Mapping Technology
9/21/2017 Corporate Real Estate Data Management & Process Automation – Are We Making Progress?
9/21/2017 Three Questions to Ask When Vetting Intelligent Building Technologies
9/13/2017 CRE Tech 5.0 – How Does It Impact Corporate Real Estate and Facilities
9/6/2017 Building Power Plants – Property Owners Begin to Embrace Microgrid Strategies
8/30/2017 CRE Tech @ The Edge: GSA/PBS Weighs in on Real Estate Technology & Innovation
8/30/2017 A True Building Operating System Reduces Operational Expenses
8/24/2017 Out of the Trenches with Kurt Emshousen: Transwestern’s Enterprise Journey to Digital Transformation
8/17/2017 Eight Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Retail
8/17/2017 New Opportunities for Real Estate Investing
8/9/2017 You are All Frogs Boiling in a Pot: Robotic Process Automation & the Death of BPOs
8/2/2017 Are Mexico’s Intelligent Buildings Raising the Bar Globally?
8/2/2017 Smart Buildings and Their Digital Twins
7/26/2017 2020: A Day in the Life of a Placemaker
7/26/2017 Early Adopters of Smart Building Technology Will Have the Advantage
7/19/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with JP Jones, CIO, Macerich
7/19/2017 Designing Technology Solutions for The Perpetually Evolving Workplace
7/12/2017 Three Myths About Millennials that Impact Commercial Real Estate
7/12/2017 Data Governance and Standards – The Key to Intelligent Buildings
7/6/2017 Connecting People to Buildings: Virtual Occupancy Metering
7/6/2017 IT-OT Collaboration for Optimizing Commercial Buildings: An Intel Sponsored Article
6/28/2017 Mark Hansen, CIO Dexus: Leading the Way for CRE Tech Innovation in Australia
6/22/2017 Congratulations to Our 2017 Digie Award Winners!
6/22/2017 Data Driven Facilities Management Powered by Analytics
6/16/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with Scott Collins, Project Executive, Bedrock
6/7/2017 Realcomm | IBcon 2017 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
6/7/2017 Understanding Data Purpose
5/31/2017 Will Increased Cyber Attacks Impact the Pace of Technological Innovation?
5/31/2017 Analytics – What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?
5/24/2017 PoE Lighting: Connecting Spaces and People in Smart Buildings
5/17/2017 Embracing the Future of Blockchain in Real Estate
5/10/2017 Will Information Technology (IT) Drive the Future of Smart Buildings?
5/10/2017 Improve Your View with Asset Manager Dashboards
5/3/2017 Retail’s Radical Transformation – Seven Mega-Trends Colliding
5/3/2017 Telecommunications Infrastructure Is the Fourth Utility in Mixed-Use Developments
4/26/2017 RealcommEDGE Preview: Macerich, Boston Properties, Bedrock & GSA Weigh-In on CRE Tech Innovation
4/19/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with
Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein
4/19/2017 All That Data Isn’t Improving Your-Decision Making. Here’s What Will.
4/12/2017 CRE Tech 4.0 – Boom, Bust or Fizzle?
4/5/2017 NEWS ALERT: CBRE Unveils Smart Building Client Experience Center
3/29/2017 Proactive Cyber Defense: Innovation and Collaboration
3/29/2017 Data Needs Order and Planning
3/22/2017 Virtual Reality for Property Visualization, Marketing & Management – Becoming the New Normal
3/15/2017 One Building / One Network – Oxford Properties and
OTI Weigh In!
3/15/2017 Making REIT Forecasting an Everyday Event
3/8/2017 What Happens When Machines Can See?
3/8/2017 IT’s Changing Role in Real Estate Technology Buying
3/1/2017 Morguard: From Zero-to-Cloud in Two Years
3/1/2017 Creating a SharePoint Portal for Real Estate
Business Productivity
2/22/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with
Annette Prater, CIO, GGP
2/22/2017 Where Will the Building Internet of Things Take Us?
2/15/2017 Is Your Smart Building Spying on You?
2/8/2017 San Diego Smart Building Projects Contribute to a Smart City!
2/8/2017 Facilitating Operational Efficiency on a Global Scale
2/1/2017 Workplace Automation: Separating Fiction from Fact
1/25/2017 Future Cities in the Age of Disruption
1/18/2017 THE BUILDING INNOVATION LAB Drives the Integration of Technology Solutions
1/18/2017 Beyond Energy Dashboards & Data Analytics with Energy Simulation Models
1/11/2017 The Value of Building Data is Being Lost: Where Do You Stand in the Data Analytics Journey?
1/11/2017 Retail Technology Advances
1/4/2017 Google's Data-Driven Building Operations
12/28/2016 CRE Tech 2016: An Interesting Year – What To Expect In 2017
12/28/2016 Integration of Lighting with Other Building Subsystems
12/21/2016 2016 Smart Building Year-End Recap & What's Ahead
12/14/2016 Out of the Trenches: A Year in Review & What's Ahead for CIOs in 2017
12/7/2016 Corporate Real Estate Innovators Share Vision at CoRE Tech 2016
12/7/2016 Is the Industry Crossing the Data Chasm?
11/30/2016 Leading CRE Tech Companies, VTS & Hightower, Join Forces for Faster Industry Innovation
11/30/2016 7 Impact Drivers Driving Today's Commercial Real Estate, Buildings & Facilities
11/23/2016 CRE Tech 4.0: Trends Here to Stay
11/16/2016 Shalaya Shipman of Salesforce Weighs in on Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Innovation
11/16/2016 Breaking Down the Walls in your Management Technology Stack
11/11/2016 The New Corporate Real Estate Office of the Future
11/11/2016 As Lighting Control Systems Become More Sophisticated and Capable, Services Can be a Key Factor in your Specification Decisions
11/3/2016 RealcommEDGE Preview: Salesforce, Google & Deutsche Bank Weigh-In on Corporate RE & Facilities Innovation
11/3/2016 Connecting IFM
10/25/2016 Hijack of Nearly 1.5m Surveillance Cameras a Wake-up Call for Security Industry
10/25/2016 Energy Efficiency: Making the IoT Work for You
10/19/2016 Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence – The Potential Impact on Corporate & Commercial Real Estate
10/19/2016 Commercial Energy Storage: Where This Transformative Technology Is Today and Where It’s Headed
10/12/2016 The Data Is Coming In: Corporate America is Using Less Than 50% of Its Real Estate
10/4/2016 Corporate Real Estate & Facilities: Dealing with Exposed Building Control Systems
10/4/2016 The Case for Agile Development and Operations
9/27/2016 CRE Tech 5.0 – Are Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Professionals Ready?
9/27/2016 Intelligent Tracking & Integration: Enabling the Digital Office
9/22/2016 Micro Automated Retail Stores (MARS) – The New Face of Retail?
9/22/2016 Building to Intelligence
9/14/2016 SunToWater Technologies: The Convergence of Enterprise Facilities Management and Water Security
9/14/2016 Getting New Asset Classes into the Mix
9/8/2016 Major Changes to FASB Lease Accounting Standards Require Technology Review
9/8/2016 Exploiting the Financial Power of Data
8/31/2016 The Hope of Digitization, Weeding Through the Noise
8/31/2016 IoT-based Smart Building Solutions Gaining Steam
8/24/2016 CBL Innovates Retail Portfolio with Automated PM Solution
8/17/2016 Jim Whalen, CIO, Boston Properties Weighs In On NextGen CRE Information Management
8/17/2016 Finding the Comfort Zone with Energy Efficiency
8/10/2016 Out of the Trenches: Be Ready for Anything, Future Proofing Your Company’s IT
8/3/2016 Deep Data for Uncharted Territory – A Case Study of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters
7/27/2016 Managing Water Makes Dollars & $ense
7/27/2016 Yes, Another Look at IoT
7/18/2016 Wells Fargo Sets New Standards In CRE Automation
7/18/2016 Three Ways to Improve Vendor Management and Reduce Risk
7/11/2016 New Generation of Technology Takes Wireless Indoor Location Tracking to the Next Level
7/11/2016 Overheard at Realcomm | IBcon 2016
7/4/2016 Out of the Trenches: A Video Conversation with Dipesh Shah, InvenTrust
6/28/2016 Congratulations To Our 2016 Digie Award Winners!
6/28/2016 Embracing a 'Best-for-Me' Strategy, Moving Past the Enterprise Software Decathlete
6/22/2016 Smart Process Automation: Robots Revolutionize Lease Administration
6/22/2016 Intel IoT Solutions Transforming Smart Buildings from the Ground Up
6/15/2016 Intelligent Condos in Toronto – After a 10 Year Battle, A New Reality
6/15/2016 Smart Buildings
6/7/2016 Realcomm | IBcon 2016 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
6/7/2016 Leveraging Compliance Initiatives, How Heavily Regulated Industries Are Staying Competitive
5/30/2016 RealcommEDGE Preview: Kimco, Tishman, Oxford & Wells Fargo Weigh in on Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Innovation
5/30/2016 How the Internet of Things will Transform Energy Management in the Built Environment
5/23/2016 WIRED Magazine's Cade Metz To Weigh In On Silicon Valley Tech and Real Estate
5/17/2016 Artificial Intelligence and Buildings – What Does the Future Look Like?
5/17/2016 Can You Afford to Ignore the Data Produced By Your Building Systems?
5/9/2016 Autonomous Cars, Robots, Drones and Real Estate – The Impacts May Be Closer Than You Think!
5/9/2016 How Big Data Changed the Way Buildings Use Batteries
5/2/2016 More Money Than Projects
5/2/2016 5G, Fiber and the Future
4/25/2016 Digital Privacy vs. Convenience – Is the Debate Dead or Just Getting Started?
4/25/2016 Technology Advances Budgeting Precision in Commercial Real Estate
4/18/2016 Out of the Trenches: A Video Conversation with Clint Osteen, Granite Properties & Larry Schachter, CompassRock
4/18/2016 Speedbumps on the Road to the Internet of Things
4/12/2016 Silicon Valley Innovation and the Impact on Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
4/12/2016 Companies Will Migrate to the Cloud
4/4/2016 “Smart” Sporting Venues – The Bar Goes Higher and Higher
4/4/2016 Taking a Closer Look on Building Optimization Services
3/29/2016 What Is Blockchain And How Does It Apply To Real Estate?
3/29/2016 Human Behavior: The Missing Link in Intelligent Buildings
3/23/2016 Out of the Trenches - A Video Conversation with Joe Rich, Tishman Speyer & Tom Taddeo, Kimco Realty
3/17/2016 Large-Scale Change Management Success at Irvine Company!
Why It Makes Sense for Managers to Go Slow to Go Fast
3/10/2016 Smart, Connected Campuses – Silicon Valley Could Rewrite the Rules
3/10/2016 Corporate Real Estate – Automation Drives Optimization
3/3/2016 Leasing Process Being Radically Redefined Through Automation
2/24/2016 Building Cybersecurity – How Vulnerable Are Stadiums?
2/24/2016 An All Optical Infrastructure Becomes Your Next Utility
2/18/2016 Stream Realty Explores The Power of Predictive Analytics
2/11/2016 Out of the Trenches: Tech Talk with Jesse Carrillo, Hines
2/4/2016 CRE Tech 4.0 – 2,200 Companies and Counting
1/29/2016 Silicon Valley VLAB Event to Explore Smart Buildings
1/29/2016 Interactive Technologies and the Maturity of Office 365 and Skype for Business
1/22/2016 Visionary Solutions for Detroit’s Quicken Loans Technology Center
1/15/2016 Out of the Trenches: CIOs Share Insight on CRE Tech
1/7/2016 CRE Tech & Innovation – What Lies Ahead for 2016
12/30/2015 Top 5 Tips to Improve Visibility and Production around Facility Operations
12/23/2015 Real Change Right Now? Openness is Critical
12/23/2015 IoT Brings the Future to Smart Buildings
12/16/2015 Out of the Trenches: CIOs Weigh In on What's Ahead for 2016
12/16/2015 Case Study: DAS Installation at Republic Plaza
12/10/2015 The Value of Performance Management Analytics in the Office Services Outsourcing World
12/3/2015 2015 Smart Building Wrap-Up
12/3/2015 Smart Process Automation
Are Robots the “Next Big Thing” for Finance & Accounting?
11/24/2015 Industry Innovators Share Vision at CoRE Tech 2015
11/24/2015 Where are all the intelligent buildings?
11/20/2015 Administrative Costs of Work Order Management are Eroding Your Bottom Line
11/12/2015 The Vulnerable Intelligent Building: An Insider’s Approach to Securing Your Smart Building
11/6/2015 Conducting Real Estate Transactions in a Digital Age
10/29/2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality - An Expanded Role in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate?
10/29/2015 Investing Intelligently
10/22/2015 Levi’s Stadium – The Most Innovative Stadium in the World!
10/22/2015 Enterprise Facility Management System
10/16/2015 IWMS and Corporate RE Information Management – How Are We Doing?
10/16/2015 Real Change Right Now? Openness is Critical
10/9/2015 25 Ways to Tell if Your Corporate Real Estate Portfolio is 21st Century Ready
10/9/2015 Getting Organized: A light-hearted look at the most basic, yet essential step in utilizing technology
10/1/2015 Technology + Innovation + Millennials – What’s Next For the Workplace?
10/1/2015 As Lighting Control Systems Become More Sophisticated and Capable, Services Can be a Key Factor in your Specification Decisions
9/24/2015 Out of the Trenches with Joyce Vonada, CIO & Managing Director, EDENS
9/24/2015 Dynamic CRM Options for a New Era
9/17/2015 The Internet of Things (IoT) For BUILDINGS Has Finally Arrived!
9/10/2015 The Future of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)
9/3/2015 Malls at the Crossroads: Converging Physical & Digital Assets to Drive Operational Efficiencies & Customer Engagement
8/27/2015 Building Networks – As Important as MEP!
8/27/2015 CREs and the Importance of Office Services (Soft Services)
8/21/2015 A Case Study of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters - Deep Data for Uncharted Territory
8/21/2015 Always Be Connected
8/14/2015 Getting The Best Data For Optimal Decision-Making
8/14/2015 Value Quantified: Office Tenants and Sustainability
8/6/2015 Choosing a Real Estate Investment Management Platform
7/31/2015 Out of the Trenches with Howard Berger, Managing Partner, Realcomm & Chris Saah, President, TecFac
7/23/2015 Higher Ed Classroom Revolution Informs Corporate Space Planning for Millennials
7/16/2015 Smart Cities and the Energy Revolution
7/9/2015 Building Automation and Sustainability: A Partnership for Measurable ROI
7/2/2015 Real Estate Intelligence: How Software is ‘Eating’ the Real Estate Business
6/25/2015 A Beginner’s Guide to “Intelligent Buildings"
6/18/2015 Congratulations to our 2015 Digie Award Winners!
6/18/2015 Research, Marketing, CRM and ERP—How the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
6/11/2015 Is Robotic Process Automation the Next Level of Outsourcing?
6/2/2015 2015 Realcomm | IBcon Digie Finalists Announced!
6/2/2015 Internet of Things: Look Before You Leap
5/26/2015 Oxford Properties Group Embraces Vision for Smart, Connected Real Estate!
5/26/2015 LPs and GPs – Chasing the Metrics
5/21/2015 In the Trenches with David Stanford, Executive Managing Director & Founder, RealFoundations - Part II
5/21/2015 The Top 6 Things to Consider when Planning an Analytics Strategy for your Portfolio
5/14/2015 SMAC, IoT and General Automation - Transforming Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
5/14/2015 Technology Starter Kit for Mid-Sized Companies
5/8/2015 Hyper-Efficiency – Is Water the New Energy?
5/1/2015 50+ of the World's Smartest Buildings in One Room
5/1/2015 Three Big Myths about Big Data
4/24/2015 Cybersecurity and Commercial Real Estate – A Growing Industry Concern
4/24/2015 Making Sense of Business Intelligence
4/17/2015 RealcommEDGE Preview: Today's Real Estate Technology Leaders Share Insights
4/10/2015 Growing Our Industry Younger
4/10/2015 As Lighting Control Systems Become More Sophisticated and Capable, Services Can be a Key Factor in your Specification Decisions
4/3/2015 Next Generation Microgrids - Is Camp Pendleton The Most Advanced in the World?
4/3/2015 The Next Generation of Property Management Software
3/27/2015 Peek Inside Cisco Canada’s New Office Space in “The Smartest Building in North America”
3/19/2015 In the Trenches with David Stanford, Executive Managing Director & Founder, RealFoundations
3/12/2015 Automating the RE Investment Management Lifecycle
3/4/2015 Smart Malls Get “Wired” for the 21st Century
2/25/2015 In the Trenches with Tama Huang and Keith Denham, NOI/CohnReznick Advisory Group
2/25/2015 Arcadia Management Group Opts for Single Stack Technology Approach
2/19/2015 The Security of the Internet of Things is at Risk
2/19/2015 Are We Too Buzzed on Building Automation Buzzwords?
2/13/2015 GSA Applies BIM Models to 100 Buildings in Portfolio
2/13/2015 Reducing Development Risk
2/6/2015 Demand Control Ventilation Benefits for Your Building
2/6/2015 MRI Software Expands Solution Footprint by Acquiring Cougar Software, a Global Leader in Investment Management
1/29/2015 Smart Sensors and Their Role in Buildings
1/29/2015 Avoid the Cardinal Sin of Contract Governance
1/23/2015 Driving the strategic decision: Why more companies are moving to IWMS
1/15/2015 In The Trenches With Scott Morey, Executive Vice President, General Growth Properties - Part II
1/8/2015 Looking Back on 2014 – A Year in Review
1/8/2015 Mobile: The power to transform your business at your fingertips.
12/24/2014 Standardizing the Internet of Things; Boiling the Ocean
12/17/2014 Collaboration in the Era of Mobile and Machine-Learning
12/12/2014 The Road to the Smart City
12/4/2014 Get Connected: Three Ways to Improve Tenant Satisfaction with Data-Driven Transparency
11/26/2014 In the Trenches With Scott Morey, Executive Vice President, General Growth Properties
11/26/2014 I’ll Have IoT with That Please
11/19/2014 Trust but Verify – Smart Building Security
11/13/2014 CoRE Tech 2014 Recap
11/6/2014 Why Do Some Corporate Real Estate Departments Embrace Innovation More Than Others?
11/6/2014 Seeing Is Believing – Why a Lighting Control Mock Up is Worth A Thousand Words
10/30/2014 Wearable Technologies and the Impact to Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
10/30/2014 Does Business Intelligence Achieve Transparency?
10/23/2014 Facility Operations Teams Embrace “Smart" for Corporate, Campus and Portfolios
10/16/2014 NextGen Workspace in a Mall – Westfield Makes a Bold Move
10/10/2014 In The Trenches With Brian Jordan, Director of Real Estate, Sprint
10/2/2014 Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Sprint, Zurich, Ericsson, Morgan Stanley Join Corporate Real Estate Innovation Discussion
9/25/2014 Will Robots Make Their Way Into Corporate and Commercial Real Estate?
9/25/2014 Situational Awareness – the Key to Happy Tenants and Optimal Operations
9/19/2014 Corporate Real Estate and Facility Information Solutions – 650 and Counting!
9/19/2014 State of the Union- Intelligent Buildings
9/12/2014 Anant Yardi, One Of Our Industry's Most Prolific Thought Leaders, Provides Insight Into The Future!
9/5/2014 In The Trenches with Ted Maulucci, CIO, Tridel
9/5/2014 The Lutron Story
8/28/2014 Radically Transforming Corporate Real Estate Through Innovation, Technology and Automation
8/28/2014 Case Study: DAS Installation at Republic Plaza
8/21/2014 Taubman: The Smart Mall Just Got Smarter
8/21/2014 The 12 Things You Need to Know about Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)
8/14/2014 Towards Common Data Standards for Smart Cities and Their Buildings
8/7/2014 Accounting Technology – A New Profit Center?
7/31/2014 In the Trenches with Ryan Wiederstein, CIO, R&R Realty
7/25/2014 Using Workplace Data Analytics to Match Corporate Real Estate Supply and Demand
7/18/2014 Out of the Rack, Into the Cloud - Hines Searches for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution
7/10/2014 Industry (Still) in Transition
7/3/2014 Higher Standards for Building Optimization and Performance
6/26/2014 Announcing the 2014 Digie Award Winners
6/18/2014 Using Technology to Automate Mission-Critical Debt Management
6/12/2014 Hepta Control Systems Supports Bedrock on Integration of their Detroit Rejuvenation Project
6/5/2014 2014 Digie Award Finalists Announced
5/29/2014 Commercial Energy Management Software Meets Building Intelligence, Energy Solutions and the Smart Grid
5/22/2014 The Inside of Buildings Becomes the Focus of Cellular Industry
5/15/2014 CBRE Transforms Los Angeles Office – Embraces 21st Century Model
5/8/2014 Forest City – Setting New Benchmarks For Innovation
5/2/2014 The Paper Lease Coming To an End – The Lease Process is Automated
4/24/2014 RealcommEDGE Preview: Microsoft, Forest City, Allied REIT and Boxer Property Execs Share Insights
4/24/2014 10 Things to Avoid When Implementing New Software
4/17/2014 Pennzoil Place Sets New Benchmarks for Smart Buildings
4/10/2014 Intel Enabling the Smart Building, Smart City Marketplace
4/3/2014 The Use of Drones in Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Operations
4/3/2014 3rd Party Modeling: Exploring Another Dimension of Risk
3/26/2014 In The Trenches with Steve Messaros, CIO, Liberty Property Trust
3/21/2014 BMS/EMS Cyber Security - A Top Priority
3/14/2014 Standards – A Key Driver for Better Business Analytics
3/6/2014 SPRINT Real Estate & CBRE Embrace Mobility to Set High Innovation Benchmark
2/28/2014 Crowdfunding Real Estate Deals: Technology Meets Transactions, The New Power Couple
2/28/2014 Steps for Assessing New Software
2/20/2014 A Smart Building = Energy Conservation + Operations + Sustainability + Experience = Profitability
2/13/2014 Is it True... is Corporate America Only Using 35% of its Office Space?
2/7/2014 In the Trenches with Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties - Part II
1/30/2014 Innovative Lighting Design Relies on the Original Light Source
1/23/2014 BIoT – BUILDING Internet of Things
1/16/2014 Smart Parking: What Is It? How Can Your Facility Benefit?
1/9/2014 Lessons from Smart Devices: What They Mean for Smart Buildings
1/9/2014 Is It Time For Something New?
1/2/2014 In the Trenches with Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties
12/26/2013 2013 - The Year In Review
12/26/2013 Investment Management and the Private Cloud
12/20/2013 Information Exchange and Data Standards: The OSCRE Buzz
12/20/2013 Are We Stuck in a Spin Cycle?
12/13/2013 The Facility Data Manager: When the Silos Come Tumbling Down
12/13/2013 Reality Check on Real Estate ERP
12/5/2013 NASA Using 3D Printer to Make Spare Parts…Are Facilities Managers Next?
12/5/2013 Information from Data to Support Decision Making
11/27/2013 CoRE Tech 2013 Tours the Bullitt Center in Seattle!
11/20/2013 Why Can't I Make Them Change?
11/14/2013 In the Trenches with Chris Saah, President, TecFac
11/8/2013 Keys To Making Improved, Outcome-Centered Decisions
11/1/2013 Can Korean Technology Make Tower Disappear? What Next?
11/1/2013 Mitigating Multiple Risks With A Single Stack
10/24/2013 Why Your Employees Should Give Up Their Offices (and How to Get Them on Board!)
10/24/2013 Is Your Intelligent Building System Open Enough?
10/17/2013 It is the Customers, Not the Technology, That Will Disrupt the Industry
10/10/2013 In the Trenches: Looking Ahead to 2014
10/3/2013 CoRE Tech 2013 – A REvolution in Corporate Real Estate
10/3/2013 Budgeting - A Big Distraction or Strategic Advantage?
9/26/2013 Google Glass and the Potential Impact to Commercial Real Estate
9/19/2013 Behavioral Change is the Key to Smart Building Success
9/19/2013 Protect Your Cyber Assets
9/12/2013 The Most Important Consideration When Selecting Commercial Real Estate Solutions
9/12/2013 Commercial Property Management Technology Keeps Moving Forward
9/6/2013 In The Trenches with Art McCann, CIO of Highwoods Properties
9/6/2013 Innovation Spotlight: RestorePoint
8/29/2013 Business Process Automation – Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Evolve
8/22/2013 3D Printing and the Potential Impact to Commercial Real Estate: Part One
8/22/2013 Innovation Spotlight
8/15/2013 M2M Technology: Smarter Buildings, Smarter Grids, Happier Investors
8/8/2013 Data Outsourcing & Business Intelligence - Looking Beyond the Horizon
8/1/2013 Budget Season Primer: Emerging Technology Roadmap
7/25/2013 The Architecture of CRE Big Data
7/25/2013 Green $$ are Real
7/18/2013 Is Your Building System Secure?
7/18/2013 Innovating your Ecosystem
7/11/2013 Intelligent Buildings and the Cloud
7/2/2013 The Benefits of an Integrated Mobile CRM System
7/2/2013 Return on Investment
6/24/2013 Out of the Trenches – Realcomm 2013
6/20/2013 Announcing the 2013 Digie Award Winners
6/20/2013 Distributed Antenna Systems: A NEW APPROACH TO DAS DEVELOPMENT
6/13/2013 Data Scientist in RE and FM: Sexiest Job in the 21st Century
6/13/2013 Why Consumer expectations for Internet and Cloud-Computing are Now Poised to Disrupt the Real Estate Industry
6/6/2013 2013 Digie Award Finalists Announced
5/29/2013 Plug-n-Play Diagnostics & Optimization for Smart Buildings
5/29/2013 New Technology Advances Commercial Energy Management
5/23/2013 INNOVATION – Hundreds of Commercial Real Estate Firms Are Raising the Bar
5/23/2013 Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting – Supporting the Planning Continuum
5/16/2013 In The Trenches with COO Innovation Summit Advisory Council Co-Chairs John Gilbert and Kurt Padavano
5/9/2013 Is (T)echnology Destined to Become Part of the (T)MEP Designation?
5/2/2013 The Holy Grail - GSA/PBS Sets Out To Automate The Real Estate Lease
4/25/2013 RealcommEDGE Interview: GGP, Brandywine and Microsoft Execs Share Insights on Technology REvolution
4/18/2013 Microsoft Collecting 500 Million Building Data Points From Campus Per Day
4/11/2013 Walmart International Real Estate’s Global Technology Program
4/11/2013 BMO’s Corporate Real Estate: Quickly Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence and Strategic Insight
4/4/2013 In The Trenches with Scott Morey, SVP & CIO, General Growth Properties
4/4/2013 Moving the Needle
3/28/2013 Yardi Enters 4th Decade of Real Estate Technology
3/21/2013 Facility Information Management Dashboards - Understanding the Complexities
3/21/2013 Make Your Smart Building Smarter – Upgrading Your Building Automation Systems is as Important as Maintaining the Physical Assets
3/14/2013 Cisco and Lake Nona Unite to Create First U.S. Iconic Smart+Connected Community in Orlando, Florida
3/7/2013 Data Protection and Disaster Recovery in Today’s IT Environment
3/7/2013 Perspectives on Commercial Real Estate and Technology
2/28/2013 Global Innovation and the Need for Realignment
2/21/2013 GSA BuildingLink Leverages a Minimum of 1,000 Data Points Per Building
2/14/2013 Smart, Connected, High Performance, Intelligent Buildings Have JUMPED THE CHASM!
2/7/2013 In The Trenches With Robert “RJ” Juliano, CIO, Brandywine Realty Trust
2/7/2013 What is Copy Data?
1/31/2013 Portfolio Intelligence – An Agile Approach to Business Intelligence for Corporate Real Estate
1/24/2013 Top 45 People to Watch in 2013
1/24/2013 Forecasting Technology Pays Off for Hartz Mountain Industries
1/18/2013 Playing Moneyball with Big Data
1/10/2013 Embracing the Real Estate Technology REvolution
1/10/2013 Canadian Real Estate Firm Embraces a Comprehensive ERP Strategy
1/3/2013 The Final Frontier of Real Estate Process Automation: Budgeting & Forecasting
12/27/2012 2012 in Review
12/20/2012 What is Stopping a Revolution?
12/13/2012 Canadian Real Estate Firm Embraces a Comprehensive ERP Strategy
12/13/2012 The Intersection of BIM and Business Data in Real Estate and Facilities Management
12/6/2012 From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities
11/29/2012 George Brown College - Training Property/Facility Managers of the Future
11/20/2012 Corporate Real Estate Executives Embrace Technology, Automation and Innovation
11/20/2012 New Market Insights from an Experienced Industry Player
11/13/2012 Establishing a Successful Data Governance Program
11/8/2012 The Fiscal Cliff's Impact on Real Estate IT Budgets
11/8/2012 Building Better Business Intelligence
11/1/2012 Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to our East Coast Neighbors
10/25/2012 In The Trenches with Bank of America's Global Workplace Technology Strategy VP, Christina Dorfman
10/18/2012 CoRE Tech 2012 - A Paradigm Shift for Corporate Real Estate
10/18/2012 The Evolution of Payments Automation—Providing Innovative Efficiencies for the Real Estate Industry
10/11/2012 Innovation Spotlight with Ken Sinclair, Publisher/Owner
10/11/2012 Upgrading Controls Infrastructure - One Step at a Time
10/4/2012 Cloud Use Cases From The CRE Trenches
10/4/2012 Westcore Moves Ahead With New Technology
9/27/2012 One Million IP Addresses in Every Building: Who is in Charge, PM /FM or IT?
9/27/2012 The Challenge – Turn Data Into Actionable Intelligence
9/20/2012 Technology Poised to Dramatically Redefine Corporate Real Estate
9/13/2012 New Data Security Guidelines for Smart Buildings
9/13/2012 How NOI Strategies Made $2.85M Per Year For a Real Estate Client Requiring Zero Out-Of-Pocket Investment On Their Part.
9/6/2012 The Future Building Management System
9/6/2012 Effective Management of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
8/30/2012 High Definition Buildings – Creating Iconic Brands Through Digital Signage
8/30/2012 Redefining the Intelligent Building
8/23/2012 Is Your 2013 Budget in the Cloud?
8/23/2012 Implementing Infrastructure Upgrades
8/16/2012 The User Interface - Transforming Big Data into Valuable Knowledge?
8/9/2012 Data Driven Facility Management
8/2/2012 Can China Eclipse the U.S. on Innovation?
8/2/2012 ePayments Stimulate Payables Automation Growth in the Real Estate Industry
7/26/2012 In The Trenches with Scott Zimmerman, CIO, CenterPoint Properties (Part 2)
7/26/2012 Smart Building: Justifying Energy Management and Building Automation in Commercial and Residential Buildings
7/19/2012 Four Hours of Video On The Future of Commercial, Corporate and Government Real Estate
7/12/2012 Enough Already - Smart Buildings Are About More Than Just Energy Efficiency
7/12/2012 Smart Buildings and Portfolios: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start
7/5/2012 Place Still Matters in the Digital Age: Third Place Working and Productivity
7/5/2012 Actual Space Utilization Data Produces $85 Million in Annual Savings with EMS Software
6/28/2012 Spring Cleaning's To-Do List for Facility Management
6/28/2012 How Does Your Investment Management Platform Stack Up?
6/21/2012 Announcing the 2012 Digie Award Winners
6/14/2012 The Rise of Distributed Antenna Systems
6/7/2012 *2012 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
6/7/2012 Mapping Technology: Transforming Commercial Real Estate Decisions
5/31/2012 Extraordinary Innovation Coming to Realcomm & IBcon
5/24/2012 Mobile Apps Changing the Commercial Real Estate Industry Forever
5/16/2012 Microsoft Unveils Smart Campus Pilot Program at IBcon 2012!
5/16/2012 Leveraging SharePoint for New Dimensions of Business Intelligence and Communication
5/10/2012 Technology is Impacting EVERY Aspect of Real Estate Operations... Just Ask CBRE!
5/3/2012 The Smartest Green Building - San Francisco Public Utility Commission Sets an Example
5/3/2012 AIM to Reduce Costs
4/26/2012 In The Trenches with Scott Zimmerman, CIO, CenterPoint Properties
4/19/2012 Procure to Pay: Taking Integration to the Next Level
4/12/2012 The Spring Issue of the RealcommEDGE Coming Soon!
4/12/2012 In The Trenches with Kevin McCann, Inland Group
4/5/2012 NYC Buildings Department Raises the Bar with Technology
3/29/2012 Managing your Commercial Building - What to Expect for 2020
3/22/2012 In The Trenches with Porter Bellew, CIO, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust
3/15/2012 Smart Workplaces - Integrating Form, Function and Technology
3/8/2012 Tridel Sets the New Global Standard for High-Tech Condominiums
3/8/2012 Five Key Techniques for Utilizing Energy Management Systems... To Reduce Consumption, Costs, and Carbon up to 30%
3/1/2012 NASA's New Sensor-Driven, Ultra Green Building
2/23/2012 What is Commissioning?
2/23/2012 An Intelligent Building Is........
2/16/2012 In The Trenches with Jonathan Levi, CTO, Cassidy Turley
2/9/2012 Building Automation - The Mobile Revolution
2/9/2012 FAS 13
2/2/2012 In the Trenches with Boxer Properties COO, Justin Segal
1/26/2012 Top 35 People to Watch in 2012
1/26/2012 Visionary Technology Application Transforms The Link REIT
1/19/2012 It's 5:00 a.m. - Do You Know What Your Buildings Are Up To?
1/13/2012 Industry Technology Leaders to Co-Chair Realcomm 2012 Advisory Council
1/6/2012 Technology's Impact On How We Use Commercial Space
12/27/2011 Top Real Estate Tech Trends 2011 - A Year In Review
12/21/2011 An "Internet" Holiday
12/15/2011 In the Trenches: American Express VP of Global RE Strategy, Jerry Bernie
12/15/2011 Green Innovation: Save Money, Make Money, Serve the Environment
12/8/2011 Presidents Obama and Clinton Launch The Better Buildings Challenge; Tour Transwestern Managed Property
12/8/2011 Capturing a Competitive Edge in the Data Revolution
11/30/2011 QR - Quick Response Codes - A New Opportunity for Building Owners?
11/30/2011 Building Performance Dictionary: Key Words for Following the Money
11/22/2011 Help Math & Science Education
11/22/2011 Intelligent Buildings
11/17/2011 Korean Subway Station Turned Into a Grocery Store - Retail Innovation Unleashed!
11/17/2011 Architects/Engineers (the Designers of Buildings): Do They Really Understand the Real Estate IT Enterprise?
11/10/2011 OSCRE - The Way Forward
11/10/2011 Investor Focus Widens Despite Property Sales Slowdown
11/3/2011 Major Toronto Developer Uses Technology to Raise the Bar
11/3/2011 Real Estate and the Cloud: Maximize your Phone System
10/27/2011 Microsoft Embraces Intelligent Buildings
10/27/2011 Want More Out of Your Software Provider? Then Start 'Thinking' Like One.
10/20/2011 CoRE Tech 2011 - Corporate and Institutional Real Estate Embrace Technology
10/20/2011 Connecting a Business from Front to Back
10/13/2011 Real Estate Investment Manager Talks Tech
10/13/2011 Data Evaporation: the Achilles Heel of Effective Investment Management
10/6/2011 A Game Changer! Commercial Real Estate Data Visualization
10/6/2011 The Radicalization of Norm
9/30/2011 In the Trenches with Ryan Allbaugh, Childress Klein and Keith Davis, Pope & Land
9/30/2011 Evaluating Your Infrastructure
9/22/2011 U.S. Department of Defense Implements Unique Identifiers for all Properties
9/22/2011 Phases in IT
9/15/2011 The Fix is in at MGM Grand Macau
9/15/2011 Managing Energy and Sustainability in the Real Estate Industry
9/8/2011 Corporate Real Estate Experiencing Big Impact From Technology, Automation and Innovation
9/1/2011 Leading Australian Real Estate Firm Partners with IT to Transform Operations
8/26/2011 Achieving Quick Wins with Operational Analytics
8/26/2011 Talisen Technologies - Leading the World in Integrated Enterprise Facilities & Energy Management
8/19/2011 Today We Declare Innovation a National Priority - Join Us!
8/19/2011 Commercial Real Estate Needs Reliable Data: The SharePoint Solution
8/11/2011 Specifying Energy Management & Integration Software
8/5/2011 Business Intelligence "Light" - Unshackle the Power in Your Data
8/5/2011 Analyzing Operational Issues and Maximizing Operating Efficiency
7/28/2011 In The Trenches with Transwestern's Eugene Kesselman
7/28/2011 Best Practices: Fostering Tenant Energy Awareness
7/22/2011 5 Reasons the CIO Can Be A Corporate Sustainability Hero
7/22/2011 The Energy Elephant in the Boardroom: How to Increase Efficiency and Create Value
7/14/2011 Network Appliances - Connecting Buildings & Processes to the Net!
7/14/2011 How to Reduce Your Energy Costs by 30%
7/14/2011 Realcomm - Call for Advisory Articles!
7/8/2011 21st Century Corporate Real Estate - "Smaller and Smarter"
7/8/2011 Realcomm – Call for Advisory Articles!
6/30/2011 Innovation and Commercial Real Estate
6/30/2011 How On-demand Mapping Drives Innovation in Site Selection
6/24/2011 Realcomm 2011 Exceeds Expectations / Digie Winners Announced
6/24/2011 Mapping Technology: Transforming Commercial Real Estate Decisions
6/16/2011 Turning the Corner from Cost Containment to Creating Business Value with Technology (Part 2 of 2)
6/16/2011 Social Networking - Are We Reaping The Potential
6/10/2011 Turning the Corner from Cost Containment to Creating Business Value with Technology (Part 1 of 2)
6/3/2011 Google Earth to Showcase New Ideas at Realcomm 2011
5/26/2011 What is the Next "Big Thing" - Realcomm 2011 Big Idea Showcase
5/26/2011 What's Missing from Your Budget Process?
5/19/2011 Why Realcomm 2011 Will Be Different!
5/19/2011 OSCRE: Seeking Standards in a Common Cause
5/13/2011 ProLogis Brings the Concept of R&D to the Commercial Real Estate Industry
5/6/2011 Innovation – Has the United States Lost Its Edge?
4/29/2011 The Spring Issue of the RealcommEDGE is Now Available On-line
4/21/2011 Can Real Estate ERP Vendors Keep Pace with Industry Demands?
4/21/2011 Project Methodologies: Waterfall vs. Agile - Is It Unreasonable To Ask For Both?
4/14/2011 GSA Puts Industry-Leading Real Estate Strategy Into Action!
4/7/2011 In the Trenches with CBRE's Don Goldstein
4/7/2011 Hartz Mountain Industries: New Technology in a Recovering Market
3/31/2011 Social Media: Business Value or Wasted Resources?
3/24/2011 Data Analytics: The Solution for Smart Building Operations
3/16/2011 Mission Impossible? – Keeping Pace with Changing Technology
3/11/2011 ESI HQ-The Most Intelligent Building in the World?
3/11/2011 The Proof is in the Pudding
3/4/2011 Are Traditional Facility Manager Skills Becoming Obsolete?
2/24/2011 iPads Invade Commercial Real Estate Market
2/17/2011 Glenborough’s Aventine Earns LEED Platinum Certification and Saves More Than $150,000 in Annual Energy Costs
2/17/2011 Setting the Standard for Energy Efficient Buildings:
The Aventine Project
2/10/2011 Achieving Efficiency, Not Just Best Practice
2/3/2011 White House Gets Behind Smart, Intelligent, Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings
2/2/2011 New Site Testing - Top 35 People to Watch
2/2/2011 Visionary Technology Application Transforms The Link REIT
1/27/2011 Top 35 to Watch in 2011
1/27/2011 Portals Offer a Clear View of Investment Status
1/20/2011 In the Trenches with PREIT's Helane Stein
1/13/2011 Highlights from CES 2011
1/6/2011 2011 – What's in Store for Real Tech?
12/30/2010 A Recap of Top Stories in 2010
12/16/2010 Integrating Your Leasing Information With Your Floor Plans
12/9/2010 Strategy and Evolution in the Smart Cities Industry
12/9/2010 A Look at Intelligent Buildings Today
12/2/2010 Corporate Real Estate Executives Gather for Inaugural CoRE Tech Event
12/2/2010 Chesapeake Energy Saving $4 Million+ in Real Estate and Operating Costs with ARCHIBUS
11/24/2010 Intelligent Buildings and Addressable Dimming Lighting Controls
11/18/2010 China Builds 15-Story Hotel in 6 Days - Game On!
11/18/2010 In-building cell phone coverage: The value proposition of a DAS
11/11/2010 Japan Planning "Smart City" of the Future
11/4/2010 Dublin, Ohio makes "Smart21" Intelligent Communities List Again for 2011
11/4/2010 Customer Relationship Management Technology Keeps the Leasing Pipeline Flowing Smoothly
10/28/2010 DTZ Hosts Realcomm London
10/28/2010 Top Energy Suite in UK Now Delivers
Ability to Save on Costs in US
10/21/2010 Wireless Meters: The Real Hotspot
10/15/2010 Real Estate Business Intelligence - Steps to Success
10/7/2010 In the Trenches with Liberty Property Trust's Steve Messaros
10/7/2010 BUILD vs BUY
9/30/2010 Envision Charlotte: Uniting for a Sustainable City
9/30/2010 Microsoft Latest to Highlight AP Automation for Real Estate
9/23/2010 Alternative Workplace Arrangements Require Strategic Planning
9/23/2010 Calvis - Using innovative Technology to Meet Strategic Business Objectives
9/16/2010 Energy Harvesting EnOcean Technology Contributes to LEED Gold Certification for Promutuel
9/9/2010 Technology and Privacy – Efficient, Safe, Fun World or Orwellian Nightmare?
9/2/2010 Data Governance: A Six-Step Solution
9/2/2010 Creating a Best in Class World HQ - Part II
8/26/2010 Wiring a Smart City in the Desert
8/26/2010 "GALAXY" The City Management Platform From Pacific Controls
8/19/2010 Bill Gates and Jeff Immelt Help to Form New Clean Tech Innovation Council
8/19/2010 Creating a Best in Class World HQ - Part I
8/12/2010 America Is Losing Its High Tech Entrepreneurial Edge
8/5/2010 The Government's Landlord Smartens Up and Goes Green
7/29/2010 More Affordable. More Efficient. More Mobile: The Next Big Thing in Property Information
7/29/2010 United Equities Displays the Zeal of the Newly Converted
7/22/2010 In the Trenches with Boston Properties' Jim Whalen
7/15/2010 21st Century Space Planning
7/9/2010 New Panduit Headquarters Best-In-Class Building
7/2/2010 SharePoint 2010: Providing Insight into Your Data, Your Device, Anytime, Anywhere
6/24/2010 Realcomm Las Vegas 2010 Conference Review
6/17/2010 Realcomm's Proud to Announce The 2010 Digie Award Winners!!
6/3/2010 Realcomm 2010: Solutions for Some Very Complex Problems!
6/3/2010 Technology Offers New Dimensions of Transparency
5/28/2010 *2010 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
5/21/2010 Are You Ready For IFRS?
5/21/2010 Electronic Payment Systems - The Future
5/14/2010 In the Trenches with Childress Klein's Ryan Allbaugh
5/5/2010 DC – Is It The New AC?
4/29/2010 Google Earth + CRE Data = GAME CHANGER!
4/29/2010 Why Are The Smartest Companies In The World Going To Be At Realcomm?
4/22/2010 The May Issue of the RealcommEDGE is Now Available On-line
4/22/2010 Gain Automatic Dividends from Automated Procure to Pay
4/15/2010 NOI Strategies Brings Fresh Perspectives to Real Estate Industry
4/15/2010 “Going Green” Via Online Document Management: Smart for Your Business and Smart for the Planet
4/15/2010 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
4/8/2010 In the Trenches with Maguire's Anzor Zurhaev
4/8/2010 Top Trend Leader for 2010 – Using “Software-as-a-Service” for AP Automation
4/1/2010 Leveraging Learning Management Systems for Operational Excellence
4/1/2010 Comments on 'The Converged Enterprise'
3/26/2010 The Intelligently Networked Building
3/26/2010 Greg Lindsay to Keynote Discussion on Strategic Future of Real Estate IT
3/18/2010 Enterprise Convergence: The Strategic Future of Real Estate IT
3/18/2010 Keynote Speaker Announced For 2nd Annual Energy Summit
3/11/2010 So You Have Spent the Money...Now Get the Value
3/11/2010 Act Now & SAVE! - Realcomm 2010 Las Vegas
3/4/2010 In the Trenches with CenterPoint's Scott Zimmerman
3/4/2010 Realcomm 2010 Las Vegas: Call For Speakers
2/25/2010 Top 35 People to Watch in 2010
2/25/2010 Procurement Efficiency: It’s Yours, On Demand
2/19/2010 Cisco, IBM, HP…Creating a Vision for Smarter Cities!
2/19/2010 Are CRE IT Budgets Increasing or Decreasing?
2/11/2010 Using Social Media To Get The Message Out
2/11/2010 Tridium Niagara Summit - May 2-4, 2010
2/4/2010 Cushman & Wakefield Builds New Enterprise Content Management Solution
1/28/2010 'In the Trenches' with Duke Realty's Paul Quinn
1/28/2010 Optimize Returns with Valuation Technology
1/21/2010 Advanced Lighting Control Can Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Worker Satisfaction
1/14/2010 CES2010 - Consumer Tech Is Looking Up!
1/14/2010 Call for Speakers - Realcomm 2010 Las Vegas
1/7/2010 Chris Saah and Jesse Carrillo Named 2010 Realcomm Advisory Council Co-Chairmen
1/7/2010 Realcomm Co-Locates with Infocomm in Las Vegas for 2010
12/31/2009 Copenhagen and Commercial Real Estate…Connecting the Dots!
12/31/2009 Technology Trends that will Impact Construction Project Management and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management in 2010
12/17/2009 Can We Survive the Internet?
12/10/2009 'In the Trenches' with Tishman's Joe Rich
12/3/2009 Is the Recession Really Over? What Lies Ahead in 2010
12/3/2009 Gaining Value Through Electronic Processing and Automation
11/25/2009 An Executive Perspective on the Strategic Value of Technology
11/19/2009 Fad or Future? Online Networking for Commercial Real Estate
11/19/2009 On Hold Considerations
11/12/2009 Masdar Seeks Hi Tech Solutions for Sustainability
11/12/2009 BIM and Project Management - Advancing Integrated Project Delivery on Capital Building Programs
11/5/2009 Connecting Smart Buildings to the Smart Grid
10/29/2009 'In The Trenches' With Transwestern's Chris Saah
10/29/2009 Can Your Business Survive Disaster?
10/22/2009 Commercial Real Estate Discovers Banking Technology
10/22/2009 Today's Property Manager, Doing More With Less
10/22/2009 Calvis Expands Global Presence With Launch of US Office
10/15/2009 Breaking the Mold - The NEW Dallas Cowboys Stadium
10/15/2009 Building a Unified Physical Infrastructure
10/8/2009 Making the Case For An Enterprise Facility Solution
10/8/2009 Using Technology to Improve Collaboration on Real Estate Construction Projects
10/1/2009 'In The Trenches' with R&R's Ryan Wiederstein
10/1/2009 Using Technology to Improve Collaboration on Real Estate Construction Projects
9/24/2009 Commercial Portals: An Emerging Best Practice?
9/17/2009 Songdo Opens its Doors
9/17/2009 What You Don't Know About Energy Can Cost You
9/10/2009 US Drops to #2 in Global Competitiveness
9/3/2009 Is BI Becoming the New Tech Priority?
8/27/2009 Can a Bad Economy Positively Impact Real Estate IT Spending?
8/20/2009 Green Buildings: Balancing Fact and Fiction
8/20/2009 Seattle Turns to Skire For Integrated Lifecycle Management of Their Facilities
8/13/2009 'In The Trenches' With Acadia Realty Trust's Larry Schachter
8/6/2009 ADAPT to Survive: An Innovative Approach to a Troubled Market
8/6/2009 36% Returns are Driving Accounts Payable Automation
7/30/2009 'In The Trenches' With Hines' CIO, Jesse Carrillo
7/23/2009 Sears Tower to Get a $350M Makeover!
7/23/2009 What You Don't Know About Energy Can Cost You
7/16/2009 Realcomm Announces 2009 Digie Award Winners!!
7/16/2009 The Business Case for Centralized Procurement
7/9/2009 City of Dreams Media Façade…How They Did It
7/9/2009 Taking Your Document Management System to the Next Level: Distributed Check In
7/3/2009 Realcomm Chicago 2009 Hits a Home Run!
7/3/2009 Outsourcing: Lessons Learned
6/25/2009 Empire State Building Leads Energy Initiatives
6/18/2009 NYC Changing the Rules…Energy Efficient Buildings May Be Mandated By Law!
6/18/2009 Building a Unified Physical Infrastructure
6/11/2009 “Intelligent” Green Buildings Discussion Center Stage at Realcomm 2009
6/11/2009 Using a Better Lens to Examine Your Bottom Line
6/4/2009 Transwestern Scores Again with ENERGY STAR® Award!
6/4/2009 Advanced Software Gives Investment Managers Sure Footing
6/4/2009 DQI USA Offers Design Assessment Introduction and Training Session at Realcomm
5/28/2009 Grubb & Ellis and Microsoft to Showcase Aerial Imagery Platform at Realcomm
5/28/2009 How Technology is Advancing Capital Building Programs
What Industry Experts and Leaders are Saying
5/22/2009 *2009 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
5/22/2009 Realcomm 2009: Stimulus and Creative Financing Session
5/14/2009 Bank of America Creates World Class Infrastructure to Remotely Manage 3,200 Branches
5/14/2009 Financing the Indoor DAS
5/8/2009 Cushman & Wakefield's Groundbreaking Innovation
5/8/2009 Green Sustainability Pavilion EXPANDED & New LED Lab Announced
5/1/2009 The Virtual Property Manager Has Finally Arrived!
5/1/2009 Qube Global Software - New to the U.S.
4/23/2009 Realcomm Announces “Real Estate Solution Providers Advisory Group”
4/17/2009 A Sustainable Roadmap for Improving NOI
4/17/2009 Technology for Tough Times
4/9/2009 Reviving Real Estate Applications
4/9/2009 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
4/2/2009 Reduce Lighting Costs up to 90%
4/2/2009 "Energy Efficient Buildings" Seminar Series 2009
3/26/2009 The Right Time for Outsourcing
3/19/2009 ROI Increases For Sustainable Buildings
3/19/2009 Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
3/12/2009 Realcomm Channel on YouTube
3/12/2009 "Energy Efficient Buildings" Seminar Series 2009
3/5/2009 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
3/5/2009 Real Estate Firms Turn to Payables Automation as Economy Worsens
2/26/2009 Interactive Customer Relationship Management (iCRM) Takes Sales to a New Level
2/26/2009 Electronic Invoicing: Little Paper but Plenty of Payoff
2/19/2009 The “Top 35 People to Watch” in 2009
2/19/2009 Gilbert, Kincaid and Seigl to Keynote at Realcomm 2009 Chicago
2/13/2009 Cisco Unveils Energy Monitoring Software
2/13/2009 Featured February Webinar - Energy Efficient Buildings: "Green" Technology That Works - Part 1
2/5/2009 The Impact of Emerging Technology on People and Property
2/5/2009 Realcomm 2009 Advisory Council
1/29/2009 Why Corporate Real Estate Needs Technology
1/29/2009 Using Technology to Provide Oversight, Transparency & Accountability on Infrastructure Building Programs in 2009
1/22/2009 The Key to Energy Management (and Savings!)
1/22/2009 Save the Date! Realcomm Europe 2009, March 4 – London!
1/15/2009 CES 2009 – What’s Hot and What’s Not
1/15/2009 Business Intelligence – Why Holler Down When You Can Drill Down?
1/8/2009 What Happened to $150-a-Barrel Oil?
1/2/2009 2009: Riding Out The Storm
12/23/2008 2008: A Year in Review (Can It Get Much Worse?)
12/18/2008 The DNA of Tomorrow’s Buildings
12/11/2008 Weathering a Stormy Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate
12/11/2008 Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
12/5/2008 In Search of the World's Smartest Buildings
12/5/2008 Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
11/20/2008 Realcomm/ARGUS Hurricane Relief Effort
11/13/2008 Technology is the Key to Survival
11/13/2008 Surviving the Economic Slowdown: Analyze, Automate, Streamline
11/6/2008 An 8-Step Strategy to Making Existing Buildings Smart
10/30/2008 Implementing Your Business Intelligence Initiative
10/30/2008 November Webinar: LIVE from Dubai!
10/23/2008 Financial Meltdown Arrives – Is Technology Spending the Next Fatality?
10/23/2008 November Webinar: LIVE from Dubai!
10/16/2008 Integrating BIM & Project Management
10/16/2008 Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
10/9/2008 Realcomm and RealFoundations form Education Partnership
10/3/2008 Getting Your BI Initiative Right the First Time
9/25/2008 Intelligent Buildings: Facts vs. Myths
9/25/2008 October Webinar: Automated Business Solutions for Real Estate
9/18/2008 Real Estate Business Intelligence Comes of Age
9/18/2008 Realcomm – Call for Papers!
9/11/2008 Intelligent Buildings vs. Building Automation
9/11/2008 September Webinar - Intelligent Green Buildings
9/4/2008 MediClin Group Cuts Energy Costs with Wireless Sensors
9/4/2008 Dubai NextGen Real Estate Tour!
8/28/2008 Surviving in Today’s Global Marketplace
8/28/2008 September Webinar - Intelligent Green Buildings
8/21/2008 CBRE’s Electronic Invoice Process Saves Money and Environment
8/21/2008 Dubai NextGen Real Estate Tour!
8/14/2008 China Arrives – NextGen Real Estate: The "Bird's Nest" Unveiled!
8/14/2008 Realcomm Fall Seminar Series: Automated Business Solutions for Real Estate
8/7/2008 Control Energy Costs AND Keep Tenants Happy
7/31/2008 Merge Appraisal and Business Processes: Save Time and Money
7/31/2008 Improve Cash-Flow Forecasting through AP Automation
7/24/2008 Ave Maria University: Technology Enables Vision
7/24/2008 Join Realcomm in Dubai for the RealTech Middle East Conference!
7/17/2008 Value Added: Construction Project Management Software
7/17/2008 August Webinar - In-Building Wireless
7/10/2008 OSCRE Rocks CIO Roundtable at Realcomm 2008: The Interoperability Showcase
7/3/2008 Colonial Earns 36% Market Premium for IB Technology
7/3/2008 August Webinar - In-Building Wireless
6/26/2008 Slowing Economy Drives Information Demand
6/26/2008 NEW! RealcommEDGE Magazine
6/19/2008 Breaking the Net Zero Energy Barrier: The “31 Tannery Project”
6/19/2008 Realcomm – Call for Papers!
6/13/2008 2008 Digie Award Winners!
6/5/2008 Real Dollars for Math & Science
6/5/2008 The 4th Annual Realcomm Charity Event
5/29/2008 *2008 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
5/29/2008 NEW! RealcommEDGE Magazine
5/22/2008 General Session Unveils the Next "Big Idea"
5/22/2008 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
5/15/2008 Tour California’s Most Intelligent Building!
5/15/2008 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
5/8/2008 Wireless Browsing to Take Over PC Access
5/8/2008 May 16 Webinar - Automated Business Solutions for Real Estate
5/1/2008 OOVOO – Free Multi-User Video Conference Site Changes the Rules
5/1/2008 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
4/24/2008 ProLogis Revenues from Solar Rooftops Heating Up!!
4/24/2008 NEW! Automated Business Solutions Seminars
4/17/2008 LoopNet Acquires REApplications – Industry Consolidation Continues
4/17/2008 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
4/10/2008 Standardizing Capital Project Management
4/10/2008 WEBINAR – Intelligent Green Buildings
4/3/2008 CBRE Goes Carbon Neutral: Planet Building is Born!
4/3/2008 Device Connectivity and IP Networks – Creating a Building Information Network
3/27/2008 Akridge Gets Insurance Rate Cuts for Wireless!
3/27/2008 WEBINAR – Intelligent Green Buildings
3/20/2008 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
3/20/2008 NEW! RealcommEDGE Magazine
3/13/2008 Announcing The RealcommEDGE Magazine
3/13/2008 Top 5 Automation Trends for Real Estate Companies in 2008
3/6/2008 Top 10 Commercial Real Estate IT Issues for 2008
3/6/2008 Realcomm Europe 2008 - Retrospective
2/28/2008 From Coverage and Utility to Enablement: What Can In-Building Wireless Do For You?
2/28/2008 March Webinar - In-Building Wireless
2/21/2008 Top 35 People to Watch in 2008!
2/21/2008 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
2/14/2008 Microsoft Virtual Earth - A Game Changer for Commercial & Corporate Real Estate
2/14/2008 March Webinar – In-Building Wireless
2/7/2008 Daylight Harvesting Generates 30-40% Energy Savings
2/7/2008 Realcomm Europe Tech Summit - London, February 18-19, 2008
1/31/2008 Offshoring Real Estate Functions
1/31/2008 How Offshoring Works for Granite Properties
1/24/2008 INvestigate, INitiate, INnovate... Are you IN?
1/24/2008 Does Your Technology Give You a Competitive Advantage?
1/17/2008 Enhancing Your Real Estate Portfolio with Intelligent Building Technologies
1/17/2008 Realcomm Europe Tech Summit - London, February 18-19, 2008
1/10/2008 Innovation Spotlight: EnOcean CleanTech – Enabling Intelligent Green Buildings
1/10/2008 Profile: CenterPoint Properties Trust
1/3/2008 2008 New Year's Tech Resolutions
12/27/2007 Top Real Estate IT Trends for 2007 – A Year in Review
12/20/2007 An "Internet" Holiday
12/13/2007 The British Are Coming! Hammerson Sets New Standards for Retail Technology
12/13/2007 Mobility and Next-Generation Buildings: Four Key Considerations
12/6/2007 Paul Quinn Named Realcomm 2008 Advisory Council Chairman
12/6/2007 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
11/29/2007 E-Leasing with Adobe Intelligent Documents
11/29/2007 Illinois Tollway Lowers Operating Costs And Increases Efficiency on $6.3B Congestion-Relief Program
11/20/2007 Will $100 a Barrel Impact Office Building Values?
11/20/2007 Realcomm – Call for Papers!
11/15/2007 Success Factors for Integrating IT Systems After a Merger
11/15/2007 Newest Trend - Leading Companies Using AP Automation as Competitive Advantage
11/8/2007 Inaugural RealTech Middle East Exceeds Expectations
11/8/2007 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
11/1/2007 The Economy's Effect on Real Estate Decision Making
11/1/2007 Realcomm Europe Tech Summit - London, January 22-23, 2008
10/25/2007 BPG Properties Opens Its First NextGen Intelligent Commercial Property
10/25/2007 Philadelphia “Intelligent Buildings Seminar” Includes TOUR of 1000 Continental
10/18/2007 Broadband Providers Overlook U.S. Business Community
10/18/2007 The Johnson Controls Path to Sustainability
10/11/2007 Extreme Real Estate: Pacific Controls HQ in Dubai!
10/11/2007 Realcomm Seminars and Webinars
10/4/2007 New Name! New Products! New Vision!
10/4/2007 Tenant Notification & Management Systems Reduce Tenant Calls & Confusion
9/27/2007 Sub-Prime Meltdown and Real Estate IT
9/27/2007 Realcomm – Call for Papers!
9/21/2007 Managing Mission-Critical Data Centers -- Successfully!
9/21/2007 CABA Releases Its New Intelligent Buildings Roadmap
9/13/2007 Podcasts Add New Dimension to Realcomm Research
9/13/2007 Last Chance to Witness History in The Making!
9/6/2007 A/P Solutions That Pay You Back!
9/6/2007 Forward-Thinking Organizations Invest to Convert ROI Vision into Reality
8/30/2007 Energy Management Saves Millions for State of Missouri
8/30/2007 NEW! Wireless Webinar - Sept. 14, 2007
8/23/2007 The Changing Landscape of Building Automation
8/23/2007 SAVE THE DATE - REALCOMM 2008
8/16/2007 The Challenge: Transforming a 70M S.F. Portfolio For 235,000 Tenants
8/16/2007 Realcomm is Coming to a City Near You!
8/9/2007 Innovation Spotlight: Phoenix Plaza Upgrades to Wireless!
8/9/2007 Realcomm Seminars: Coming to You this Fall
8/2/2007 Extreme Real Estate Projects - Dubai!
8/2/2007 Realcomm NextGen Best Practices Tours - 22nd Century Real Estate Innovation!!
7/26/2007 Baptist Health South Florida to Save $4M a Year in Construction Management Costs
7/26/2007 Realcomm and Fleming Gulf Present “RealTech Middle East 2007”
7/19/2007 Behind the Headlines at Ave Maria University: Intelligent Building Systems
7/12/2007 Automated Leasing -- We're Getting Closer!!
7/12/2007 Realcomm NextGen Best Practices Tours - 22nd Century Real Estate Innovation!!
7/5/2007 Uncle Sam Goes Wireless
7/5/2007 Join the Realcomm Team!
6/28/2007 Boston Properties Shares Building Operations Center Strategy
6/28/2007 Realcomm is HIRING!
6/21/2007 Realcomm Raises Over $100,000 For TechBoston!
6/14/2007 Realcomm 2007 Far Exceeds Expectations!
6/8/2007 2007 Digie Award Winners!
5/31/2007 Portals: The Gateway to Superior Service and Increased Marketability
5/31/2007 Realcomm $25 Charity Challenge
5/24/2007 American Schools Are Failing Our Kids - Realcomm Needs Your Help!
5/24/2007 Realcomm Charity Challenge
5/17/2007 *Digie Award Finalists Announced*
5/10/2007 Solar Carports for Commercial and Corporate Buildings???
5/10/2007 Roger Duncan of Austin Energy to Speak at Realcomm
5/3/2007 Wake Up and Smell the Competition
5/3/2007 New Boston Fund Sending 40+ Property Managers to Realcomm 2007
4/26/2007 What's a CIO?
4/19/2007 Fire Extinguishers Become Network Devices
4/19/2007 Realcomm 2007 Town Hall Meeting
4/12/2007 What's Your Implementation Strategy?
4/12/2007 Look Who’s Speaking at Realcomm 2007!
4/5/2007 Corporate Real Estate Technology Hurdles
4/5/2007 PM Innovation Summit Advisors Selected
3/29/2007 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
3/29/2007 7th Annual Commercial Board Summit
3/22/2007 Top Real Estate Automation Initiative for 2007 - Automating Payables!
3/22/2007 Property Management Innovation Summit
3/15/2007 What's Next in Brokerage Technology
3/8/2007 The Scarcity of Real Estate IT Talent: Realcomm Placement Announced
2/22/2007 Virtual Building Operations Center
2/22/2007 2007 CIO Advisory Council
2/15/2007 Innovative Technology Propels International Capital Partners (ICP) and Cityblock
2/15/2007 Call for Speakers! Realcomm 2007
1/11/2007 Greening Trends of Corporate America: Attitudes and Trends on Green Buildings
1/4/2007 New Year's Technology Resolutions 2007
12/28/2006 2006 Year End Review
12/21/2006 An "Internet" Holiday
12/14/2006 Chicago Board of Trade Building Restored to Original Brilliance
12/7/2006 Solar Technology…Plugging A Mall Near You Into the Sun?
11/29/2006 Forest City Ratner Streamlines Processes with New Lifecycle Management Software
11/22/2006 Dubai - The Largest Development Project in the World!
11/16/2006 Realcomm Announces 2007 CIO Advisory Council
11/9/2006 Barbizon/63 - An Uncommon Project!
10/26/2006 Is Wireless Worth It? New ROI Statistics
10/25/2006 US Drops to 6th Place in Global Competitiveness Report
10/18/2006 Globalization Technology – Around the World in 80 Mbps!
10/5/2006 Realcomm Launches Two New Educational Programs
10/4/2006 Traditional IT Integrators Embracing Intelligent Buildings
9/27/2006 A Unified Approach to Governance, Risk, and Compliance
9/20/2006 Technology Trends in Commercial Real Estate
9/13/2006 Optimizing Real Estate Portfolios using Integrated Project Management Technology
9/7/2006 Realcomm Advises ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover
8/16/2006 Innovation Spotlight – GE Asset Management
8/9/2006 Connected Real Estate in the Middle East
8/3/2006 Organizing the Commercial Real Estate Solutions Marketplace
7/27/2006 Intelligent Buildings In North America – Why Is It Taking So Long?
7/20/2006 Constant Interruptions Costly to Property Management Team
7/13/2006 Realcomm Charity Poker Tournament Raises $40,000!
7/5/2006 Funding Strategies For Wireless Systems
6/29/2006 2006 "Digie" Award Winners Announced!
6/22/2006 A/P Automation To Be Hot Topic At Realcomm
6/14/2006 Future Real Estate AP Systems: The Total Integration Life Cycle
6/7/2006 Gas & Electric Bills to Increase by as Much as 72%!
5/31/2006 Realcomm 2006 - What can YOU Expect?
5/25/2006 Building Automation – Realcomm Asia Tour
5/17/2006 Realcomm Announces Research Portal
5/10/2006 Innovation Spotlight - Ballantyne Village
5/3/2006 The Juggling Real Estate Executive
4/27/2006 Best Practices for Indoor Wireless
4/19/2006 Innovation Spotlight - Asia NextGen Tour Prepares to Depart!
4/12/2006 Making Connections @ the Intersection of Real Estate and Technology
4/5/2006 Cisco, TAC and Others to Participate in NextGen Intelligent Building Symposium!
3/29/2006 Business Intelligence Gets Smarter
3/22/2006 Announcing Corporate Real Estate Tech Summit at Realcomm 2006!
3/16/2006 Innovation Spotlight – Akridge
3/9/2006 Adding Visual Communications for an Enhanced Tenant Experience
3/2/2006 Where Is the INNOVATION in the Commercial Real Estate Industry?
2/22/2006 The Abandoned Cable Problem: State-of-the-Industry and Smart Solutions
2/15/2006 Innovation Spotlight – Forest City
2/9/2006 Top 35 People to Watch in 2006!
2/2/2006 Wireless Everywhere: Achieving Seamless Mobility in Office Buildings
1/26/2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – More Hype Than Innovation!
1/19/2006 Document Management – An Own vs. Outsource Methodology
1/12/2006 Innovation Spotlight – SENTRE Partners
1/5/2006 List of People To Watch in 2006 - We Need Your Input
12/28/2005 An "Internet" New Year!
12/14/2005 Advisory - Innovation Spotlight - Top 12 Real Estate Firms
12/7/2005 Aligning Technology Strategies with Business
12/1/2005 Realcomm Portal Coming in 2006!
11/23/2005 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/16/2005 Great Information Found in Automating the Invoice Approval Process
11/9/2005 Tenant Portals - Redefining Tenant Service!
11/2/2005 Dashboards - Executive Information Systems Unplugged!
10/26/2005 Are Google and CoStar Teaming Up?
10/19/2005 Digital Signage Finding Its Way Into Commercial Real Estate
10/12/2005 1,000 Buildings Under Construction - Dubai Rises!
10/5/2005 GMAC Uses Google Earth To Track Katrina Assets
9/28/2005 Real Estate IT Consultants - A Growing Industry
9/21/2005 Customer Relationship Management
9/14/2005 Mobile Technology - Redefining The Workplace
9/7/2005 Please Remember The Victims of Hurricane "Katrina"
8/31/2005 Video Conferencing Has FINALLY Arrived!
8/24/2005 Connecting Building Bathrooms to the Network!
8/17/2005 India and China Team Up To Secure World Oil Assets!
8/10/2005 Contemporary Commercial Real Estate: Going Global in a Dot-Com World!
8/3/2005 Reduce Your Portfolio’s Electric Spend!
7/28/2005 Why Automating the AP Process Makes Good Business Sense
7/20/2005 What is an Intelligent Building?
7/6/2005 Top Trends from Realcomm 2005!
6/29/2005 The Realcomm 2005 "Digie" Winners Announced
6/22/2005 Realcomm 2005 - Conference Highlights!
6/15/2005 Real Estate @ the Speed of Light!
6/8/2005 Instant Messenger - Changing the Way You Work!
6/1/2005 Skype - Internet Phone Service That Works...And It's Free!
5/25/2005 Great New Innovations on Realcomm 2005 Exhibit Floor!
5/18/2005 Oracle - Peoplesoft Acquisition - Sign of Things To Come?
5/11/2005 Is Outsourced Automated Cash Management in Your Future?
5/4/2005 Top Real Estate Innovations to Be Showcased at Realcomm!
4/27/2005 Realcomm 2005 "Digie" Award - Call for Nominations!
4/20/2005 The Best and Brightest to Speak @ Realcomm 2005
4/13/2005 Commercial Information Exchanges Gaining Momentum!
4/6/2005 DestiNY USA - America's Most Visionary Real Estate Project?
3/30/2005 WiMAX - What Does it Mean To Building Broadband Strategies?
3/23/2005 Singapore Surpasses U.S. As Top Tech Nation!
3/16/2005 Document Management - A New Reality in Commercial Real Estate!
3/9/2005 How High Will Oil Go? - Real Estate Owners Need to Pay Attention!
3/4/2005 - A New Tool for Real Estate Due Diligence?
2/23/2005 Realcomm to Host 2nd Annual Commercial Real Estate CIO Roundtable!
2/18/2005 Realcomm 2005 - Real Estate at the “Speed of Light”
2/9/2005 2005 - 35 People to Watch at the Intersection of Real Estate and Technology!
2/2/2005 Realcomm Announces World Class Advisory Board for 2005!
1/26/2005 New Century Cities - Digital Lifestyle Defined
1/19/2005 World Visionaries Attend MIT's New Century Cities Symposium
1/12/2005 The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) "Unplugged"
1/5/2005 Tsunami Disaster - A Time to Reflect!
12/29/2004 An Internet New Year!
12/23/2004 Let’s Lighten It Up This Week and Have Some Technology Fun!
12/15/2004 R&D In Commercial Real Estate - Does It Exist?
12/8/2004 Technology...Process Change...Impact To How We Use Space!
12/1/2004 Commercial Real Estate / Stock Brokerage..Which Is More Automated?
11/24/2004 Heading for the "C" Suite - 21st Century CIOs!
11/17/2004 Receptionists Outsourced to India?
11/10/2004 RE Operations Outsourcing and Technology Decisions Survey - We Need Your Help!
11/3/2004 Can Stock Market Like Systems Prevail in Commercial Real Estate?
10/27/2004 Asia NextGen Commercial Real Estate Tour Announced
10/20/2004 Onsite Property Management VS Call Centers
10/13/2004 Paperless Parking - Myth or Reality?
10/6/2004 EFT "Unplugged" - A Great Reader Response
9/29/2004 Top 25 People To Watch in 2005
9/22/2004 The Most "Digital" Cities in the United States
9/15/2004 Monthly Rent/Lease Payment - CHARGE IT!
9/8/2004 Will $100 a Barrel Impact Office Building Values?
9/1/2004 Goodbye Disparate Systems - Hello Enterprise Solutions
8/25/2004 Technology Investments – Benchmarking is Needed!
8/18/2004 NextGen Tour Dubai - 22nd Century Vision
8/11/2004 OSCRE Data Standards Have Arrived...Pundits Beware!
7/28/2004 Realcomm Trends 2004 – Third Party Property Management
7/21/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Commercial Real Estate Law
7/14/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Corporate Real Estate
7/7/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Owners
6/30/2004 Realcomm 2004 "Digie" Award Winners
6/23/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Brokerage
6/16/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - NextGen Buildings
6/9/2004 Realcomm 2004 - Trends – Part 1
6/2/2004 Realcomm - Major Announcements For 2005
5/26/2004 Large Groups Coming To Realcomm in Record Numbers!
5/19/2004 Cisco, Oracle, The Gale Company & PeopleSoft to Participate in Keynotes!
5/12/2004 Hot Tech Trends - Will We Have To Pay For E-Mail?
5/5/2004 Paper-Less RE Transactions – Document Management Lab Expanded!
4/28/2004 How Many Technology Decisions Will Your Real Estate Company Make This Year?
4/21/2004 Behind The Scenes Real Estate Tour - Cisco, EOP and Echelon
4/14/2004 Realcomm 2004 "Digie" Awards - Who Is RE.Igniting Innovation?
4/7/2004 Realcomm to Host First Ever Commercial Real Estate CIO Roundtable!
3/31/2004 Executive Thought Leadership - Where Will Our New Leaders Come From?
3/24/2004 Brokerage, Lending, Appraisal...Will Your Job Be The Next To Go?
3/17/2004 Which Real Estate Jobs Are Headed For Obsolesence?
3/10/2004 Leaders or Followers – Realcomm Program Searches For Innovation!
3/3/2004 RE Automation Consultants - Will There Be A Shortage?
2/18/2004 Top "Digital" Highlights of Asia Trip!
2/11/2004 Asia is on Fire!
2/4/2004 Real Estate Projects Beyond our Expectations!
1/21/2004 Top 25 (We Mean 30) People to Watch in 2004!
1/14/2004 The Top 25 Commercial Real Estate People to Watch in 2004!
1/7/2004 Data Standards - The Foundation For Commercial Real Estate Transactions!
12/31/2003 An Internet New Year!
12/24/2003 Some Technology Fun For the Holidays!
12/17/2003 UK Summit Ignites US Commercial Real Estate Data Standards Movement
12/10/2003 Data Standards Becoming A Reality in Commercial Real Estate Industry!
12/3/2003 Building Automation 101 – The Basics
11/19/2003 Digital Aerial Photography - "Don't Jump in that Car"!
11/19/2003 "Connecting" a Building to the Internet
11/12/2003 Next-Gen Building - World Tour Shaping Up!
11/5/2003 Corporate Real Estate IT Initiatives
10/29/2003 Brokerage IT Budgets - Where Does the Money Go?
10/22/2003 Show Me The Budget!!!
10/15/2003 IT Budgets, Resources and Staff - How Does Your Company Compare?
10/8/2003 Realcomm 2004 Partners With CABA and BuilConn
10/1/2003 Paperless Leases and Web Based Contracts Getting Closer
9/17/2003 A Worldwide Tour - In Search of the Most Advanced Buildings
9/10/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - Is The U.S. Losing Its Edge?
9/3/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Commercial Appraisal"
8/27/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Commercial Real Estate Law"
8/20/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Architecture & Design"
8/13/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Property Management" (Part 2)
8/6/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Property Management" (Part 1)
7/30/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Corporate Real Estate" (Part 2)
7/23/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Corporate Real Estate" (Part 1)
7/16/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Owners" (Part 2)
7/9/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Owners" (Part 1)
7/2/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends – "Brokerage"
6/25/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends – "Intelligent Buildings"
6/18/2003 100% Occupancy Just One Trend Emerging From Realcomm 2003!
6/11/2003 Realcomm 2003 Digie Award Winners!
5/28/2003 Equity Office - Every Industry Needs a Leader!
5/21/2003 Who is the "Wal-Mart" of the Commercial Real Estate Industry?
5/14/2003 New Mobile Communications Impact Commercial Real Estate!
5/7/2003 Realcomm Planner - Make The Most of The Conference!
4/30/2003 Realcomm Innovation Showcase – A Year's Worth of Research in One Place!
4/23/2003 Hewlett Packard Partners With Developers on Next Generation Buildings
4/16/2003 CABA Energy Management Summit For Intelligent Buildings
4/9/2003 15 Groups Hold Meetings In Conjunction With Realcomm 2003
4/2/2003 RE Firms Embracing Document Imaging and Management
3/26/2003 Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Form Technology Task Force!
3/19/2003 Commercial Real Estate Data Standards Groups Gaining Momentum!
3/12/2003 Who Is Pushing The Envelope?
3/5/2003 Owners Lead The Way With Tech Investment!
2/19/2003 Leading Business Applications For Brokerage!
2/12/2003 Top 10 Most Innovative Brokerage Firms in North America!
2/5/2003 The Best Brokerage Firms in North America
1/29/2003 The Most Progressive Cities in the World!
1/22/2003 America's 10 Most Innovative Developers/Owners/Managers!
1/15/2003 Redefining "Trophy" - Next Generation Buildings
1/8/2003 2003 - Tech is Back! Commercial Real Estate Giants Focusing on Automation
6/11/2002 Executive Leadership – What Do The FBI and Commercial Real Estate Have in Common
5/28/2002 GMAC Commercial Goes Paper-Less..Setting New Industry Standards!
5/23/2002 Who Really Owns Commercial Property Data?
4/30/2002 Integrated Information Systems... The Foundation for Profitability!
4/16/2002 Network Appliances - Connecting Buildings & Processes to the Net!
4/2/2002 Wireless Broadband...the Next BIG Thing!
3/19/2002 Broadband - Taking The Internet to New Heights!
3/5/2002 Dot-Bomb is Over...Internet Chapter 3 is Beginning
2/15/2002 Announcing...The Realcomm "Advisory"!