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Improve Your View with Asset Manager Dashboards

Author: Tom Dragmen, Manager, Global Solutions, Yardi

Real estate asset and investment portfolio managers need to maximize asset performance and value. Doing that requires complete and accurate information. What are their best options for getting it?

Many asset managers have traditionally relied on a best-of-breed system built from niche software providers that serve the various functional categories in asset management – leasing and deal management, construction and development, operations and maintenance and financials. Under this approach, each system supplies its set of specialized data to a warehouse. Once the data is standardized, comprehensive reporting and dashboards that illustrate performance measures from the various systems is possible. However, sharing and normalizing data across these systems can be difficult, time-consuming and complex. The resulting product also doesn’t allow drilling through the dashboards’ charts to the underlying raw data. Any other approach that coordinates reporting from disparate systems is similarly manually intensive, making the development of a single comprehensive asset management dashboard from any best-of-breed approach extremely challenging.

The end-to-end approach
An alternative to the best-of-breed model calls for using a single connected ERP platform. Such a system can easily provide a single dashboard that integrates asset management, operations, forecasting, financials, construction and leasing data. This approach eliminates data silos and the time-consuming, costly data normalization required to populate a data warehouse with meaningful performance measures across all functional areas of a business. Insight into key performance metrics presented by dashboards tailored to their needs helps asset managers, analysts, portfolio managers, investment officers and other real estate professionals work more efficiently and make informed decisions that increase and create value for real estate assets.

Asset manager dashboards provide graphical representations of raw data for detailed analysis along with tools for interacting with and evaluating business performance, ultimately creating a complete view of the business. It’s a true end-to-end view that encompasses acquisition, development, lease-up, maintenance and operations, all in a single view.

With a single source of information, asset manager dashboards display performance measures and metrics in charts that are drillable to the underlying detailed data. For example, users can view a chart of upcoming expiring areas and drill to the individual expiring leases, all the way to the rent schedule and lease terms. They can also manipulate data and charts on the fly to gain unique insights that aren’t easily determined from static reports. Other options include changing a chart’s time scale, magnifying trending information and making issues easier to spot. In addition, color coding can be applied to flag performance outliers and make them easily recognizable.

A fully integrated solution delivers asset and portfolio managers:

  • Revenue growth forecasts gleaned from leasing deals in the pipeline and their stages
  • Accurate assessment of revenue potential derived from trends in pipeline deals’ rent-per-square-foot information
  • Insight into industry or tenant risk exposure from expiring area and rent determined by region, asset class or tenant industry classification
  • Deployment of capital spending from construction and development projects’ forecasted costs to complete, actual expenditures to date, and budget remaining to evaluate
  • Identification of operations-related controllable expenses
  • Financial and leasing forecasts
Imagine being able to review your deal pipeline and instantly make decisions on the economics of a lease with the rent-per-square-foot market trends across your portfolio available at your fingertips. Furthermore, asset manager dashboards can easily tie together controllable operations expenses with leased and occupancy percentages to obtain unique insights into the business. And you can evaluate industry exposure when considering how a new tenant will impact the industry mix of the portfolio.

Value creation demands a holistic and comprehensive view of assets under management. Planning a successful asset strategy means evaluating the entire business including construction, development, lease deal management, maintenance and operations. To that end, asset manager dashboards deliver a complete view of the business and an array of measurement tools. The single connected solution approach also allows an organization to simplify its IT footprint, reduce total cost of ownership, and gain a comprehensive view of portfolios and assets in a much shorter time frame than is possible with best-of-breed approaches.

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