Advisory Topic: Intelligent Bldgs. Vol. 17 No. 14
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NEWS ALERT: CBRE Unveils Smart Building Client Experience Center

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CBRE Group, Inc. recently announced the opening of a Smart Building Client Experience Center (CEC) to spotlight leading building technology solutions. Located outside Milwaukee in the Gateway West Commerce Center, CBRE’s Smart Building Client Experience Center is a 34,000-square-foot, Class-A office building that has been designed, built and managed as a showcase headquarters of CBRE|ESI, the company’s smart building solutions business.

CBRE's CEC is one of just six buildings in the world that have earned a Triple LEED Platinum rating. It has also achieved an Energy Star rating of 99, an impressive achievement for this facility type and location. The center evaluates new technologies on behalf of corporate clients, equipment, and technology partners around the globe.

Capabilities include the ability to track an occupant from arrival on site to departure, with real-time capability to adjust air quality, temperature, light, audio, and visual capabilities based on movement throughout the environment. CBRE|ESI uses an advanced integration and analytics platform to securely gather and analyze data from sensors, various building systems, meters, and other devices. Best practices for network security and internet-of-things (IoT) design are showcased throughout the facility.

CBRE|ESI's CEC also demonstrates the tangible results of cost reduction and environmental stewardship clients can achieve. The center itself performed 41% more efficiently than design models had projected. It also eliminated 223 tons of CO2 (equivalent of consuming 25,000 gallons of gasoline) in the building’s first year of occupancy.

"The smart building process, expertise, and technology within CBRE|ESI create tremendous value for both individual facilities and global portfolios,"said Bill Concannon, CEO of CBRE’s Global Workplace Solutions. "We provide transparent assurance to our clients that their facilities are operating efficiently and optimally through the right combination of people, process and technology, while simultaneously enhancing the workplace experience for their clients and occupants."

By opening the CBRE|ESI headquarters space to clients as an experience center, CBRE seeks to show building owners and occupiers how the blend of intelligent design, advanced technology, proactive operations planning, and strategic maintenance protocols can be applied to achieve optimal facilities performance.

CBRE|ESI, whose mission is “smarter buildings, smarter workplaces,” was founded in 1986 and was acquired by CBRE in 2015. It employs 70 engineers, designers, developers, and data scientists who provide solutions for building automation, systems integration, security, life safety, energy services, and building operations. Originally operated as a stand-alone service line within CBRE, the market demand and client interest of Smart Buildings has prompted the company to integrate CBRE|ESI services into the firm’s Global Workplace Solutions enterprise facilities management offering.

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Two new projects have been added to the RE Tech Innovation Tours on June 13 & 16. Attendees can now choose to visit ScaleMatrix, an Advanced Data Center and Genomics Accelerator or Solterra, the latest concept for EcoLuxury, Net-Zero Apartment Communities.

Join us and visit one or two of the following TEN extraordinary locations around San Diego that demonstrate the latest technologies and innovations impacting the commercial, corporate and institutional real estate industry.

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  • SD East Village | 21st Century Neighborhood
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Registration for the tours is available to all REGISTERED conference attendees. Each tour will have a limited capacity and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that there will be a fee to attend one or more of these tours.

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